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A few new goodies

This is just a quick one to say I hope you are all having a lovely time this Christmas! I took a few photos whilst out shopping yesterday of a few new pieces I have. The shoes and bag were a gift from Zee which I believe he got from China so I bet you could find them on ebay! And I have Santa to thank for this beautiful coat, he kindly got me a voucher for River Island and I decided to purchase this beauty on Boxing day. it has now sold out online but there may be more in store  - otherwise check out the range of boyfriend coats at River Island.

Chelsea Jade


Dr Martens Sale - Just £20.12!

This summer, Dr. Martens loaned over 3,000 pairs of boots for the Opening and Closing ceremonies of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. In celebration of this momentous year, the brand are selling these
(some worn, some as new) for the price of £20.12. We are proud to be contributing the full sale price of this product to Help for Heroes which provides direct, practical support to Servicemen, women and veterans who have suffered life-changing injuries or illnesses while serving our country.


The special sale will take place in all of Dr. Martens 13 own-retail store on 26th December 2012 with two exceptions: the Dr. Martens Store in London’s Spitalfields, and the brand’s factory shop, known as The Doc Shop, located in the village of Wollaston, Northamptonshire. These two stores will be taking part in the Help For Heroes sale on 27th December 2012.

The Help for Heroes boots will be sold alongside Dr. Martens regular January sale product and will be identified with a special swing tag. Due to the nature of the sale, stock will be limited to one pair per customer and only 230 pairs will be available in each store.

Stores in England:
Nottingham - Liverpool - Birmingham - Leeds - Manchester - Bristol - Wallaston

Stores in London:
Carnaby Street - Spitafields - Covent Garden - Westfield Stratford City

So if you live in one of theses cities go check out the stores for a bargain pair of Dr Martens!!

Chelsea Jade


Merry Christmas

I hope Santa brought you everything you wished for! I thought I would share a few images from my Christmas so far:

Christmas Eve Outfit
Christmas Flowers
Home made cookies
Albus getting festive

Soup Starter
Christmas Goodies
Vegie main course for myself - Thanks Mummy!!
Velvet Cat Dress - Thankyou Zee!
I am off to put on a onsie and pig out on chocolate, I shall be back later this week to show you some of my gifts and sale bargains!
Hope you are all having a fab day, have you had any gorgeous items of clothing this year?

Chelsea Jade


Party Dress

Dress c/o Motel, Shoes - ebay, Necklace - My Nana's

So if I were working this year and actually had a Christmas party to go to then this is the dress that I would wear. I love the detail on the top and the shape of the skirt half is perfect for hiding your Christmas food belly! The dress is actually now £25 in the Motel Sale, which is a great price for dress like this, I may just wear this dress on New Years Eve. I was given this dress by Motel when I attended the Motel Christmas Blogger party that I told you all about in this post. The first 50 girls that got in were given a free dress, we got to pick our top three dresses and one of them was kindly shipped out to us after the party. So a huge thank you to Motel!

I paired this with my basic wedges which I wear on a night out most of the time as  I can walk and run in them which usually means no falling over. I did have a huge snuggly cardigan at hand as well, due to the freezing temperature outside. Who wants to see me in the same few coats repeatedly for the next month or so? Probably none of you, but warning a cold Chelsea may result in a "I'm freezing, just take the photo already!" face.

Finally my necklace is special as it belonged to my Nana, she passed away 4 years ago last week and I wear this necklace around this time of year. When she passed away my cousins and I were allowed to look at her things and pick something. I chose this necklace and a clock I always remember being in the front room in my grandparents house. I secretly wish I was allowed to raid her wardrobe and have some of her blouses and granny cardigans!
Do you lovely ladies have any pieces like this?

Not long until Christmas girls - eeeek!

Chelsea Jade


Sale Shopping

So the sales are one of my favourite parts of Christmas, as it is tradition that me and my older sister spend boxing day browsing the sales and picking up goodies with our Christmas money/vouchers. So after almost 10 years of sale shopping, on boxing day I thought I would give a few tips for the perfect shop:


Green...and more green

 Lipstick - Barry M (149)
 Coat - Wild Clothing, Dress - Motel, Boots - Dr Martens

A little too much green possibly, I did wear the coat all day so it broke up the colour just a wee bit. Slowly trying to make the overly green outfit sound better, let just go with I felt like being a Christmas tree and be done with it.

This dress is a beauty which I bagged in the motel sale preview that tonnes of bloggers were talking about last week, if you didn't see it dont worry the Motel Sale should be up soon! It is infact the exact same print on the dress I wore in this post, which I didn't even notice until I have purchased - idiot. I still love it though and the Zabby style dresses are gorgeous. Dont forget you can get 20% off full priced Motel items with discount code 'chelseajade'

This Barry M lipstick is amazing, or totally ugly depending on your veiw of lipstick! I adore different coloured lips, I look odd with red lips I promise girls. Anyway you should check out Barry M or Lush's emotional brilliance range for some super cool lip colours.

Chelsea Jade


Cake Sale - plus Recipes

Some of you may have seem a couple of photos on Instagram (Username:chelseajadeloves) of a cake sale I did on Friday at Lush Nottingham. I was in store selling cookies and cakes to raise money for a Women's Aid refuge in Nottingham over the Christmas period. My cookies and chocolate snowballs were particularly popular and so I thought I would share the recipes with you lovely ladies.

Chocolate Digestive Snowballs

- 1 pack of digestive biscuits (400g)
- Half a cup of cocoa powder
- 1 can of sweetened condensed milk (395g)
- Icing sugar for dusting

- Crush the digestive biscuits into crumbs and stir in the cocoa powder.
- Make a well in the centre of the mix and pour in the condensed milk.
- Mix in the condensed milk thoroughly to form a moist mixture and chill in the fridge for 30 minutes.
- Roll tablespoons of mixture into balls, dust in icing sugar.
- Chill and serve in an airtight container.

Tip - Use dessicated coconut for dusting for an alternative flavour.

Chocolate Chunk Cookies

- 100g Margarine
- 75g soft light brown sugar
- 1 tbsp Golden Syrup
- 175g Self Raising Flour
- 100g Chocolate Chunks

-Preheat oven at gas mark 4/180 degrees
- Cream together the margarine and sugar
- Stir in the golden syrup, flour and chocolate chunks
- Use your hand to press together the mixture into a dough
- Take small chunks of dough and place on a baking tray (lined with greaseproof paper)
- Bake for 10-15 minutes until golden

Tip - Use chocolate chunks or chop up a bar of chocolate rather than the sorry excuse for chocolate chunks known as chocolate chips!

Tip - Dough does not need to be neat, the messy uneven chunks result in the Millie's style cookies rather than a smooth biscuit.

This recipe is perfect for vegan cookies as you can use a vegan marge and whatever extra ingredient you want!

Let me know if you try any of these out!

Chelsea Jade


Jewellery Discount Code

Still Christmas shopping ladies? Check out Little Teacup for some bargain jewellery and you get 20% off all orders using discount code 'MERRYCHRISTMAS' at the checkout.

Skull Bracelet - £2

Spike Stud  Bracelet - £2.50

Snowman Necklace - £3

Hamsa Hand Earrings - £2.50

Cat Necklace - £3

Wolf Necklace - £3

Fairytale Necklaces - £3

Also let me know if there are any pieces you would love to see in stock, as I am currently getting new pieces for January

Chelsea Jade


Blue Fur and a New Location

Well hello fabulous coat! I adore this fury beauty, so thankyou to Jess and Lucy for my birthday gift! It keeps me so snuggly and warm, I have had a look for a blue coat for you lovely ladies but there doesn't appear to be many around. Instead I found these:

Burgundy/Pink - Multi-colour - Blue dip dye

I am wearing another jumper sent to me by Now I Style which is very similar to the one in my previous post - still rather snuggly! I have paired it with a skater skirt, layered it up with a t-shirt and of course a beanie hat. Hiding my unwashed hair, it's amazing because the hats not too big so I don't have to take it off in doors - goodbye greasy roots. I know not very nice but I've been trying to get to the library in the mornings, so it's a quick shower pop a hat on type thing. 

Coat - ASOS (gift), Jumper - Now I Style, Skirt - Miss Selfridge, Boots - H&M

 Very happy not to be taking photos in my back garden! - I need to get out more...

Chelsea Jade

Christmas Giveaway - Beauty

Finally a smaller giveaway UK for you ladies including the following:

Simply enter below:

You can also enter my giveaway for an oversized jumper or some accessories.

Thank you for reading my blog you beauties! Hope you like the giveaways

Chelsea Jade


Stars and Velvet

Scarf + Jumper - Now I style, Velvet Skirt - ebay, Boots - H&M

So apparently I am in need of something to combat the lens glare on my camera, sorry guys!
I have a few new pieces on in this post, I was kindly sent some pieces to style from Now I Style, as I mentioned in the Now I Style giveaway. This scarf and jumper were sent to me, I adore the jumper as it is so soft and fluffy, it looks like mohair minus the potential itchiness. My gloves are also new, how adorable are they and only about £3.50 from Primark.

I have finally finished my semester at uni, I am ready for some festive activities but I have lots of work for next semester. I am currently on a mission to get as much work done this week so I can chill over the holidays. I have managed to write 600 words the past few days so I have a mere 1,900 words, a survey to create and a dissertation to write!

Still trying to get as many Christmas giveaways sorted as I can for you so check back tomorrow for a beauty giveaway! For those of you that missed them - Now I style - Accessories.

Chelsea Jade


New Look - Christmas Party Competition

I was e-mailed recently about a New Look blogger competition that is running at the moment. You have the chance to win one of five £100 vouchers to spend at New Look! How exciting, all you have to do is create an outfit for your body shape from New Look's party dresses. For information on how to enter visit New Looks blog here.

Dress - Bag - Shoes - Bracelet - Ring 1 2 3

This is my entry for the straight up and down figure, I think the detail on the waist of this dress is perfect for creating an illusion of hips for us boyish girls. I am now officially in love with this dress!!

Good luck if you enter ladies!

Chelsea Jade


Dr Martens - Nottingham

Today I was lucky enough to get a little preview of the Dr Martens shop opening in The Exchange, Nottingham. How exciting! I took some photos of the store for you beauties, and to everyone in Nottingham go and check out the shop this weekend! There are some amazing pieces in store, you can get your basic Dr Marten boots, studded, patterned or floral shoes which are displayed wall to wall - accompanied by a number of Satchels and some of the clothing range.

This is the range I was particularly excited to see as I had never come across Vegan Dr Martens before. Leather-look over leather any day thank you! So these are on my wish list at the moment, hoping to get a pair after I get my Christmas money. Though if shoes aren't your thing you can check out the clothing range available instore:

This beauty of a shop is conveniently located in the heart of the city centre which is the perfect location whichever side of the city you are coming from. You can find it in The Exchange and is currently located next to the Christmas Market, so if you are still Christmas shopping pop in store as there is something for everyone, Ladies Gentlemen and children (how adorable).

So basically guys and gals there is a brand new Dr Martens shop now open in Nottingham - go check it out!

Chelsea Jade