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Nottingham Street Style - November

Good evening beauties,
It is time for the November Nottingham style post, there are much less photos than usual but I promise you I sat outside for a total of 3 hours! But during this time I did come accross these lovelies:


Do you have a favourite outfit?

Chelsea Jade


Monthly Bloggers - November

The end of the month, and that means Blogger of the month time! So take a look at some of the lovelies below and check out their blogs for some more fabulous outfits and inspiration:

What's your favourite thing about being a blogger?
The surprise and amazement that people actually like reading what I post! Even though I can't afford loads of new clothes all the time I still get people liking my style and it makes me feel slightly better about being so skint haha!

Where are your favourite places to shop?
Charity shops in Dalston. Despite being quite a hipsterish kind of place there still seems to be loads of amazing stuff in the charity shops, my best finds have been my Moschino belt ( £1) and a brand new pair of Timberlands (£5).

If you could raid anyone's wardrobe whose would it be?
Rihanna, I have a weird love hate view on her but her wardrobe is impeccable, I NEED her pink Kenzo platforms from the New York leg of her 777 tour.

What made you start blogging?
I'd say quite a lot of reasons. For one, I live in a town where a lot of people's 'style' is very much the same, and if you don't confine to the so called norms, then you can often find yourself getting strange looks; and from my own personal experiences, really quite hurtful and horrible comments. So I found that blogging was a really good way to be able to surround myself with other people, who like me, love fashion and like to experiment with their style; that way i didn't feel so alone, so to speak. I also started blogging because I love writing/talking about fashion, so I thought having a blog would be a great idea to put across my own written content and document my own evolving style.  

Where are your favourite places to shop?
For a while now, I seem to just shop mainly at Topshop, vintage and charity shops; I also love to put together outfits using a lot of pieces my Mum and Grandma pass down to me. I think it allows me to create very different looks. 

Favourite trends for A/W?
Definitely would have to be Goth chic and the leather trends. For starters, theres layers upon layers of the greatest, as well as beautiful hues of plum purples, dark greens and reds. I also really love all the different textures-velvets, lace, and of course leather. I think theres something dark and romantic about it all.

What made you start blogging?
Generally speaking it was the encouragement of my friends, they really liked how I dressed and they thought other people are likely to as well. In addition I didn't have a job and I really needed an occupation in terms of being occupied and having something to do, other than school.
What is your favourite thing about being a blogger?
My favourite thing about being a blogger is the inspiration I put out there as well the inspiration I gain from other bloggers. Also getting amazing feedback from my followers and viewers. I get so overwhelmed when I wake up and I see 50+ comments on a post, I feel so motivated to get out of bed and do another post, the whole buzz is amazing.
How would you describe your style?
I would simply describe my personal style as simple and chic, it is very modern and futuristic, but with a pop of colour there and there.

Where are your favourite places to shop?
I suppose this is slightly cheating, but my favourite place to "shop" is my mum's wardrobe from the 80s! I love vintage pieces and the fact they you won't find anyone else on the high street wearing the same pieces make them that bit more special. These clothes also have huge sentimental value and it makes me happy that I am recycling old clothes, which I think is becoming of greater importance in this culture of "throw-away fashion".

How would you describe your style?
I would describe my style as evolving and developing. It is definitely an amalgamation of all my style inspirations: 90s grunge, ethnic and tribal dress, 60s boho chic... My sister says I dress like a granny, but honestly I take that as a compliment! I feel like at the moment I am only just establishing my own personal style since I am pretty new to this blogging game. 

If you could raid anyones wardrobe, whose would it be?
I would love to raid Jess from SunbeamJess on YouTube's wardrobe as she has the most amazing sense of style - it is so edgy and individual. I also really admire her attitude and confidence when it comes to wearing something which is out of the ordinary. And of course, her huge Jeffery Campbell shoe collection also makes me incredibly jealous! 


Chelsea Jade

p.s) Check out my last post to get some sale Jeffrey Campbells!


Hello Girls,
This is a quick one to tell you that Secret Sales has up to 50% off Jeffrey Campbell Shoes, the sales are secret so you cant see the prices unless you sign up. They have lots of flash style sales which means they dont last long, the Jeffrey Campbell sale ends on Sunday!

I have kindly given you a sneak preview of the prices available:

You'll have to go fast at Secret Sales to get your size ladies.

Chelsea Jade


Motel Favourites

I am constantly looking at the new in page of Motel as I am a little bit of a sucker for Motel goodies. I may even do a post featuring my ever growing collection of Motel, as I have been buying from them since I was about 18 so I have a pretty good collection. Anyway back to the new goodies, I have selected a few of my favourite pieces:

 As you can tell I think I am a little in love with the velvet numbers! If you are looking for a Christmas dress then they have some fab pieces in - check out the trends page. And don't forget you can get 20% off at the checkout when you enter discount code 'chelseajade'.

Have you purchased any of the new range?

Chelsea Jade


Same Shirt different Day

Shirt - Charity Shop, Shorts - ebay + DIY, Boots - Primark

In hindsight my shoes do not look right, luckily I edited the photos before I left the house and switched to my trusty black H&M boots.
I have been wearing this shirt alot recently so apologies for the repetition! I wear it with a few tee's underneath and I'm super cosy for the rest of the day.

Some of you may have spotted a photo of my hair on instagram (chelseajadeloves) not long ago, I tried out my new Lee Stafford styler from the Motel Blogger Party (Thanks again guys!). I love my hair like this and the styler is so easy to use! Plus if you don't like the super tight curls you can just curl larger sections to create loose curls.

Update on the street style photos for this month, I was outside in town for about an hour and managed to snap only 3 lovelies. Hoping for some more luck Tuesday and Wednesday but I went inside today for fear of losing my fingers to the cold.

Chelsea Jade


Bargain Buys -Supermarket Edition

So the bargains feature is slightly different this month, I have had a look around some of the super market clothing ranges and selected a few of my favourite pieces at affordable prices:




Have you girlies purchased any supermarket brand bargains recently? I'm quite a big George fan but haven't shopped there for a wee while now, but they seem to have some lovely pieces in at the moment.

Chelsea Jade


Printed Shirt - Chiffon Dress

Shirt - Charity Shop, Dress  c/o Fashion Culprit, Boots - H&M

I have wore this dress so many times since being sent it a a couple of weeks ago from Fashion Culprit but I've not had chance to photograph it. This is my favourite shirt to pair it with, and it's perfect for a night out outfit in this colder weather. It's worth checking out the website, they have some glittery numbers for about £30 which is perfect for the Christmas party season!

 I seem to have become a particularly boring blogger recently, apologies guys! It appears my dissertation has coincided with two other deadlines this term. I am however hoping to get a street style feature ready for next week, so check back.

Chelsea Jade



Ace of Spades

Jacket, Leggings + Boots - H&M, Gilet - ASOS, Tee - c/o Sinstar
Glitter Cardigan - c/o Goddiva

I'm all layered up here as I have a cold, I woke up in the morning and gave Hillary D a run for her money with my voice! Attractive times. Not long ago a brand called Sinstar contacted me to see if I wanted to review an item of clothing, so I jumped at the chance. I had just been checking out some of their pieces on ASOS so I was very happy reading the e-mail! I adore the print, I am abit of a sucker for a skull print. The fabric is super soft and the length means I can get away with wearing it with leggings. Check out the women's stuff on the Sinstar website.

Beanie hats are one of the few styles of hat that suit me and they are perfect for a bad hair day! I'm selling a few studded beanie hats on ebay if you wanted to take a look, I have purple, black and khaki. I am selling a few pieces if you want to take a look and help out my Christmas fund!

Chelsea Jade


Motel Christmas Blogger Party

On Monday evening I attended the Motel Rocks Bloggers Christmas Party which was super exciting as it was my first blogger event! I was a little worried about getting there on my own but the lovely Jo directed me and I joined some of the other early birds in the queue. I met Julie, Joanna, Desriee, Marie, and Annie in the queue, it was great to meet some fellow bloggers! We got there early because the first 50 girls there got a free dress, how exciting. We had to pick three in order of choice and they are getting sent out this week so I'm sure you will be seeing it very soon.

We were all greeted at the door by Selina of Motel who was looking gorgeous! I went straight to the clothes to have a wee look and then headed to the bar for a cocktail. I met lots of lovely bloggers whilst at the event and it was fab to finally meet some of the girls behind the blogs I read.
Leigh of Fox & Feather
Toni of Fashion Your Seatbelts
Kirsti of Silent Sweetheart

Amy of Amy Valentine 
 Lucy from Lulutrixabelle - who I was particularly excited to meet
(without sounding like a crazy fan girl!)

There were lots of goodies around with people from Eyelure, MyFace Cosmetics and Lee Stafford (who was actually there himself!)

Having some photobooth fun with Jo

Jo getting her make-up done by My Face Cosmetics
There are very few photos of myself as my camera was playing up but you can check out a couple on Lucys post.

Now on to the clothes, I do apologise about my images, I've tried to edit them the best I can. My flash is separate to my camera (damn Sony) and I left it at home in my bum bag - last minute outfit decisions!


Company Fashion Forum

Hey you beauts,
As I mentioned in my last post I attended the Company Fashion Forum in London this week, it was so useful! And I got the meet the lovely Kirsti and Victoria when I eventually got to London. We were given a glass of prosecco and were to mingle for a little while before the Forum started.
We were lucky enough to talk to the fabulous Lena De Casparis (Features Writer) and Laura Martin (stylist) from Company's team, and they were so lovely to chat to. I did spot Victoria White (editor) in the room but I was too intimidated to approach her!
The first thing I'm going to share with you is the fabulous goodie bag we were all given:

Looking forward to trying out the OPI colour!

And finally I don't want to be totally selfish, I am going to share a couple of tips from each of the ladies on the forum.

Designer + Blogger - Fred Butler:
Be yourself, be nice and respect others! Be hard working in everything you do as recommendations previous employers and work experience are used for future placements and jobs

Account Manager- Jamaique Campbell:
Be prepared for hard work, and take a look at what each role entails so you have some knowledge before you start.

Stylist - Aradia Crockett:
Styling is hard work, so be prepared to work and treat everyone with respect whether they are above or below you.

Oasis Buying Directer - Sarah Walsh:
Be passionate, ambitious and hard working. Don't be afraid to ask questions, it's okay not to know something - we are all learning!

Miss Selfridge Visual Merchadising Manager - Mandy Heasman
A degree isn't essential and retail experience is a great way to work your way up

Company Editor - Victoria White:
Make sure you stand out from the crowd! Lots of the current Company team started out as Interns that Victoria wanted to keep in the team.

Please note ladies that these are not exact quotes, I took lots of notes and this is the sort of gist of what the panel were saying! One of the things that everyone agreed on is that a degree is not essential and that a job in fashion is not as glamorous as it sounds!!

I hope you found some of this useful and if you want more advice check out this piece on Company magazines website.

Chelsea Jade


Charity Shop Find

I found this goodie in a local charity shop for just £5! The photos don't really show how amazing it actually is, there are so many compartments inside. It's so perfect, and I love a structured bag.

Have you girlies found any charity shop bargains recently?

I am keeping this short and sweet as I have been super busy with my dissertation and I have a trip to London today. Are any of you attending the Company Fashion Forum this evening? It will be lovely to see some of you there!

Chelsea Jade


Mirror Island

Coat - Warehouse, Dress - Motel Rocks, Boots - Jeffrey Campbell

I had quite a few comments on this beautiful coat on a previous post, sadly I got it last winter from Warehouse. That does mean however there are some lurking around on ebay at the moment:

- UK 16 (no tags) - UK 8 (used) - UK 12 (New) - UK 10 (New) -

The Jeffrey Campbells were a birthday gift from the lovely boyf, and this is the first time I've wore them out properly. And by properly I mean not tottering around in my house like an overy dressed housewife. I managed to bag this dress in the Motel Rocks 50% off for 50 minutes flash sale they had a wee while back, I have wore it a few times and I love it! I have stupidly long legs though and this bad boy does ride up so I don't wear it as much as I would like to. Fingers crossed they bring out some long sleeved midi dresses! You can find this mirror print dress here, and get 20% off at the check out using discount code 'chelseajade'.

Chelsea Jade


Booted Up

 ello ello you beauts! 
I'm starting this outfit post of with a photo of the face (appologies, I'm talking to Zee about what angle to take...he didn't listen and this is what occurred).

After my experience with MUA Liquid Liner from yesterdays post, I purchased my usual Barry M liner which stayed on fabulously as usual. My khaki style lipstick is from Lush, their emotional brilliance range and this lovely number is called Wise. I adore this colour, most of my readers will know by now that I'm not a huge lipstick fan, especially red/pink...who decided that was the main colour to have! My lipsticks are purple blue and green, I look ridiculous in red lipstick! I wore this to University yesterday and I had so many looks of 'what the actual hell' which I was quite surprised by as I hadn't experienced this outside of uni with this lip colour. Strange.

Jacket - Miss Selfridge, Dress - Zara, Boots c/o Barratts

These boots were sent to me by the lovely people over at Barratts Shoes, and I adore them! I have been looking for the perfect winter boots and after Vogue featured some gorgeous riding boots in a recent issue I've had my eye on a number of pairs. These have a similar harness style detail as my ankle boots which makes them extra pretty. They are super comfy and you will be seeing lots more of these. I have purchased a lot of shoes from Barratts in the past (until my local store shut down) and I was very happy to be contacted by them! 
Hope you all have a lovely weekend! 

Chelsea Jade