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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween guys!
I can finally share my outfit with you, I went out on Saturday night for some Halloween celebrations but thought I'd save it for tonight's post. I went out as a creepy doll with friends and the big sis:

I used a tutorial from a previous post on Halloween make-up to create my creepy looking face, back combed my hair and stuck on some fake scars. The dress I'm wearing is actually a child's vintage dress, I found it a few weeks back in a vintage section of a shop in Beeston* for just £7! It was too tiny on the sleeves but I managed to adjust it.

* Whilst shopping for this costume I was approached by a reader of my blog, she was lovely! So if you are reading this, Hi Victoria, it was nice to meet you :) 

Back to Halloween now, I'm very easily sidetracked! I have to say,as much as I love Halloween, it isn't always that positive for me as I have a fear of masks - especially clowns. I have a fear of not knowing who is underneath, so if a friend is dressed up I can handle it. Sadly whilst out I found this bad boy dancing in the corner looking super creepy:

 I am very proud as I eventually plucked up the courage (after running to the toilet for a quick breather) to ask the person wearing the mask to show me his face so I  can carry on dancing in that room. He proceeded to grab his hair and shake his head pretending the mask wouldn't come off, I'm not going to lie guys I nearly cried!

Enough of that, I'm feeling a little uneasy.

What are your plans for Halloween, are you off out tonight?
I'd love to see your costumes.

Chelsea Jade


Nottingham Street Style - October

This months Nottingham Style feature is slightly different, I attended the Nottingham Vintage Fair recently and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to snap some of the people there:





It was an amazing fair, it had a wide variety of goodies to browse through! It was great to see some affordable prices too, there were a few £5 rails dotted about, I resisted though and stuck to the photos instead (Very proud of myself). There were lots of people I wanted to snap but it was a hugely popular event which meant there was little space to get full length shots so there are less than usual, but how cool are the couple photographed above!

If you love vintage fairs you should check out the website for the group that organised this event as they are not just in Nottingham. The upcoming events are going to be taking place in the following places in the UK:

 - Hull - Southampton - Brighton - Manchester - Stoke London -Leicester - Manchester - Birmingham - York -

Find more information here.

Chelsea Jade


Glitter Cardigan and Camo Shorts

Cardigan c/o Goddiva, Shorts - ebay (Miss Selfridge, Crop - DIY, Sandals - Juju

Some of you will remember me mentioning the brand Goddiva before as it’s where I got this stunning daisy print dress. Well the website is being revamped, you can check out some of the new stock hereAlot of you are fans of Made In chelsea you can check out the Louise Thompson Collection available at Goddiva!

Along with the revamp of the actual website Goddiva have also started a new interactive blog, where customers can send in a clear, full length image of themselves in their Goddiva item, how they styled it (it doesn't have to be a brand new piece!). Those who have their image featured on the blog will receive a 15% discount off their next purchase, so basically you get a discount for being stylish…we can do that girlies!

Head over the Goddiva and check out their goodies, you can grab 10% off using my discount code ‘CJLOVE10’ snap yourself in the clothing and send your images in to Goddiva – simple!
The lovely people over at Goddiva sent me a gorgeous cardigan, for me to style in my own way to feature on the new blog. I absolutely love it so thankyou again Goddiva!

Chelsea Jade


Halloween Make-Up

So ladies it's that time of the year, and of course most of us are flapping about wondering what we're going to wear! Don't fret my ladies, we have a skill which alot of males wont have, so get out your make-up bags. Your make- up can be a very cheap version of your halloween outfit, if your face looks fab, all you have to do is splatter some fake blood on some old clothes. Sorted.
I have been looking though Youtube videos for some tutorials, perfect for your night out. They range in difficulty and effort so I'm sure you'll find something:

Creepy Doll
This is a really easy tutorial, I've tried this out - minus the scars, some of you may have spotted it on Instagram.
Find the video here.

Gaga's Born This Way

More time consuming but totally worth it! I've not tried this out but I'd love to have a go.
Find the video here.

Pop Art Comic Girl

 I've tried this, it's a little time consuming but looks amazing! Don't use a pencil a liquid liner is so much better.
Find the video here

 Rag Doll

This is super simple and wont take long at all!
Find the video here.

Zombie Bride

These last two videos are by the same girl, and she has lots more on her channel which you can find here.

I'd love to see your photos! Or share your favourite tutorials below

Chelsea Jade



Dress + Cardigan - Primark, Boots - H&M

A little dull in greys and black, but this is a super comfy outfit I wore to University the other day. I've been really busy with Uni work and not had time to catch up on my blog reading recently, sorry guys! I am majorly stressed this week about my dissertation topic, I had a meeting with my supervisor today and didn't have a clue what I was talking about which means I have lots more reading to do. I am just going to throw it out there guys, I may have cried, in fact I tried very hard not to and accidentally let out one tear, I think my supervisor saw - awkward. I bet he thinks I am a hormonal wreck, ha! I cry more due to stress or anger than sadness which may not be normal.

For those of you that like this Cardigan, it's currently in stock in Primark for just £14. As for my mohair cardigan that lots of you ask about, it's not really the same but Primark have a fluffy cardigan which is pretty similar and a steal at £14. So it is worth a wee look!

Hope you are all okay :)

Chelsea Jade


ebay bargains - Winter Accessories

I've been a little behind on these ebay finds posts but finally I bring you winter accessories:


 1  -  2  -  3  -  4

 Leather Gloves

Faux Fur Stoles

Glitter Socks

All £1.49

Faux Fur Headband

All £5.99

These are all UK sellers, unlike my previous posts so you wont have ot wait 3 weeks if you order any of these.

Chelsea Jade


Nottingham Independent Creative Community Indoor Market and Artist Showcase

So this time last week this event was on at the Nottingham Contemporary organised by MiMM Nottingham. There were lots of independent designers at the even selling and showcasing their pieces which I wanted to share with you.

I also go to showcase my Little Teacup Jewellery:

There were lots of amazing independent pieces at the even which I'm going to share with you, sadly I didn't manage to reach everybody in the room! Some of them are just starting out so may only have a facebook page but if you like the look of their pieces then like the facebook pages to support them. It's always good to support independent labels:

Doo Rude have some amazing pieces of jewellery, you should show them support on their Facebook Page.


You can find this lovely ladies designs on Etsy and here is a Facebook page.


One Shirt - Two Ways

Hey Beauts,
Pop Couture were lovely enough to send me this gorgeous shirt! I was slightly worried it might be sheer, which can be quite difficult to wear in the day time especially in this awful weather. But as you can see below it isn't at all, the fabric is quite thick in comparison to similar shirts I have. Pop Couture have super affordable prices, check out the new in section.

Dress it Up:
Shirt - Pop Couture, Skirt + Bag - Primark, Shoes - ebay

Layer it up:

Cardigan - Vintage, Flatforms - ASOS
I love the leatherette collar on this shirt, which is probably why I paired it with a leather look bottom half in each outfit. If you're not a huge fan of the red version, they also have a white one.

Changing the subject slightly, I'm selling some goodeis on ebay. Including a camo jacket, aztec bandeau, and Evil Twin shorts, it would be lovely of you to check it out: ChelseaJadeSells.

Chelsea Jade