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Motel Rocks - Gothic Placement

Jacket - H&M, Bodycon Dress- Motel. Boots - ASOS

Majorly tired here as its about 9am the day after spending 3 hours 45 minutes on a coach the day before, to London and back. As some of you may have seen I was lucky enough to be picked as one of the finalists for the Motel Rocks and First Model Managment competition! So amazing, I was totally surprised when I got the call but very excited. I was able to pick a dress for the shoot, I had my hair and make-up done which I loved! You can see a couple of the photos on the Motel Rocks Facebook here and here, but I get the photos sent to me on Monday at some point so I can share the rest with you if you would like to see them!

I adore this dress and I was so happy when they said I get to keep it after the shoot! I adore this print and actually nearly got this dress for my birthday night out next week, check it out here. And remember you can get 20% off Motel using the discount code 'chelseajade' at the checkout!

Chelsea Jade


Get The Look - Rita Ora

One of the biggest style icons at the moment, with hundreds of images circling on Tumblr and pap shots of her in magazines! Almost everybody wants  piece of Rita Ora and no wonder with a style like this:


I've searched online - mainly ASOS due to the free delivery option- and found some Rita inspired pieces:


My trip

W14 Hotel

Bunkbeds like old times!

Kastsu Curry

Natural History Museum

Beyond Retro



Me and the Sis

Lots of Second Hand Bookshops
Just a few photos from my trip the last couple of days! I purchased so many goodies... here are a few:

Just a few photos and a quick post as I have an interview to prepare for today eeek!

Chelsea Jade


I'm going to London

Hey guys this is just a quick post to let you lovelies know that I am off to London for some pre-birthday shopping with my sister. I get back Monday night, I have an interview Tuesday! (Exciting) and Wednesday I have an amazing opportunity down in London again. In other words I'm super super busy over the next few days and probably wont get chance to blog.
You can follow me on Instagram - chelseajadeloves or Twitter - @chelseameeow to keep updated if you fancy :)
Leave your instagram names below as I'd love to find new more people to follow as I'm relatively new!

Hope you have a lovely bank holiday!!

Chelsea Jade


Casual Friday

Headphones - Sennheiser, Jacket - Miss Selfridge, Tee - Uniqlo, Skirt - China, Flatforms  - H&M 

Bag - Vintage

Moaning to Zee about being too sleepy to take photos right now

Laughing because I'm an idiot!

Necklace - Little Teacup £2.50

Hey lovelies
Todays outfit is totally casual, so I included my Sennheiser headphones as this is how you will see me wandering round town etc on a lazy/casual day listening to my music. I don't have an iPod or anything but I recently got the Samsung Galaxy S3 which is perfect for my music, plus its a beauty!

I'm wearing a few more of the goodies I bagged whilst in China, I got this Wolverine top from the boys section in UNIQLO and the skirt was a bargain £2.50 from a market, totally wishing I'd got loads of colours now! And just to show I'm not mardy and do have more than one facial expression I have included a few photos that would have been outtakes.

I've been super busy this past week adding loads of new products to Little Teacup Jewellery. I've added a new range of limited edition laser cut pieces as  well as new charms. It would be amazing if you would check them out here, lots of new discounted priced too!

Chelsea Jade


ASOS Sale - My picks

So most of you will know already that ASOS have a mahoosive sale on at the moment, apparently it's final reductions! And you can get a further 10% off your order when you enter discount code 'EXTRA10' - bargain. I however am all ASOS saled out as I have no moolah left, I decided to share some of the bargains online in case any of you are shopping at the moment.

Less Than £15

Less Than £15

Less Than £15

Less Than £20

Less Than £5

Check out the sale section here

Chelsea Jade


Crochet and Fringe

Dress - eBay, Shorts - Motel, Bag - Vintage, Sandals - ASOS (Ego and Greed)

Oh Hello Albus <3
Hand Harness - Coming Soon to Little Teacup Jewellery
Ego and Greed flatforms - ASOS (Sale £18)

Good evening you beauties!
I had a little wander into the City Centre today to get some photos for this months street style feature. I managed to get 3 but it started raining so I came home as I looked quite ridiculous in this outfit whilst it was raining! I bagged this dress on eBay for £1.50 it's originally from Primark but you can't complain for such a bargain price! I paired it with a pair of knicker shorts from Motel Rocks and a plain vest, I think it's the perfect way to wear short shorts as day wear.

My sandals are so so beautiful, they are by Ego and Greed, you can snap them up in the ASOS sale for just £18! Find them here. They also come in pink, they are pretty impressive but I'm not a huge fan of bright colour but you can check those ones out here. Though they are clearly not to everybodies taste as I found out today. As I walked home I heard "Mate, look that her f*&%ing boots".... I considered turning around to inform them that I was infact wearing socks and sandals like dear old Jebus. I decided against it so not to cause any further boggling to their minds.

Also I would love to hear what you think about the hand harness I have made. I'm hoping to add it to the Little Teacup website later this week.

Chelsea Jade


eBay Bargains - Accessories

I'm back with another feature of bargain goodies from eBay! This time I have focused just on jewellery and sunglasses:

Collar Necklace in silver and gold - £2.49

Collar Clips in Black and Yellow - £2.19

 Cross Ring - 99p

 Fringed Necklace - £4.99


 Remember shipping from China may take about three weeks!
 I was thinking bags for the next post? So let me know which style bags your loving at the moment!

Chelsea Jade

p.s) Check out an eBay finds post from Floral Danielle


Peter Pan Collar Dress

Jacket - Magenta,  Dress - Oasap, Skirt - Primark, Creepers - So You Shoes.

Hello you beauties!
I am back with a wee outfit I wore yesterday, I have on this Oasap dress which is slightly too small for my 5'9 self so I popped on my good old Primarni pleated skirt. Lots of you ask me about this skirt, I did however get it last winter from Primark but hopefully they will realise how popular it was and bring it back! Fingers crossed for you lovelies :)

I also noticed in these photos that my legs are looking super slim. I am just pointing this out in the post, that yes I am slim so there is no need for you to mention it if your going to comment. I find a comment that simply says "Oh my god your so skinny" or "wow you are slim" a little pointless and to be honest I do get quite offended as people often insinuate that I shouldn't be the size I am. So just a little note I don't appreciate "skinny" comments. Please and Thankyou.

On a lighter note, ASOS have been tweeting all day that it's the last chance to  shop their sale! There are some bargains in the sale so its worth another look as it seems things have been reduced even further. So check out their sale section!

In the next few days I have another eBay bargains post coming up with lots of jewellery goodies for half the highstreet price. So keep a look out

Chelsea Jade

Handmade Jewellery

Hi lovelies!
I just wanted to share some new products that I have added over the past week or so to Little Teacup Jewellery. There are also brand new reduced prices on a majority of products. 

Recycling Charm
Russian Doll Charms
Bronze Charms
Love Birds 
Gingerbread Couple
Multi Dino Charms
Fairytale Pendants

Check out the rest of my items here.

I will be back this evening with an outfit post for you lovelies

Chelsea Jade