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Nottingham Street Style - July

Hello Lovelies we have another installment of Nottingham style, sadly the rain has caused a few problems so I have less photos.
But quality over quantity and all that jazz.

How fab does this girl look! I love her styling, I wish I had a snapped a photo from the back too as she had a pretty beautiful rucksack on. If only I looked this cool.

 How lovely is this casual outfit, I wish you could see more clearly but her make-up is absolutely perfect. I'm always a sucker for polka dots so I love this outfit!
This is my beautiful big sister rocking a Motel shirt and her amazing floral boots!

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Chelsea Jade


Bloggers of the Month

The end of the month and I have another lot of bloggers that you should check out!

Is she not amazing! I love this girls style so much, I'm pretty sure lots of you ladies will have visited her blog before but for those that haven't check her out here! She definitely knows how to rock a pair of creepers and she has lots of gorgeous vintage goodies. 

I'm new to this lovely ladies blog, but I followed the first time I saw it! She has a wonderful sense of style, and I want to steal these boots!

How incredible is this girl! I came across her blog only the other day, and I love her style. How amazing are these ankle cuffs? Well I'll stop waffling about how amazing she looks and just suggest you go check out her blog!

Chelsea Jade


Goddiva - Discount Code

I've mentioned Goddiva a few times before as they are the lovely people that sent me this amazing daisy print dress which I featured in a previous post:

Since they were kind enough to send me this dress I have been in contact with the people over at Goddiva and they want to offer you 10% off their products! Simply use this discount code at the checkout:


Just to give you a little taste for the website I have picked out a few pieces from their wide range of clothes, and some of these are in the sale!

I have my eye on the open cape dress, I think it's gorgeous and currently in the sale for £10 plus your 10% off means you can grab this beauty in black or cream for just £9! And for those of you that like a little more colour than me I've selected a few other prints and colours :

Leopard Dress, Green DressPatterned Tunic, Embelished Dress, Leaf Shirt.

I've just been browsing the website and I found this gorgeous embellished neck dress which I'm in love with! It's my 21st soon and this would have been the perfect bargain dress for a night out sadly my size is sold out. Let me know if you snap it up in your size!

The main focus for the website is their range of dresses, they often replicate dresses from the runway so you can bag them at a much cheaper price! If you select the '+More' tab on the top you can find other items of clothing as well as shoes and accessories. Goddiva offer worldwide shipping too!

Chelsea Jade


Evening Outfit

Bag - Vintage, Bralet - Topshop, Skirt - eBay, Shoes - Miss Selfridge

Good evening!
Hope you are having a lovely weekend so far! It's Nottingham Pride this weekend so I'm getting ready to go out. I say getting ready I'm currently listening to music and eating chocolate fingers..not the best pre-drinks ritual...
This is what I am planning to wear tonight, just need to start getting ready and glitter myself up! Though maybe not too much as that may be embarrassing in the dark. This is a bargain bralet is one I snapped in the Liverpool Topshop in the January sales for a mere £1! Amazing. Also you can bag these sheer elasticated skirts from China on eBay for a mere £8.53! And they have quite a few colours so it's worth checking them out

I'd better be off here now, I have some glitter to get out and some alcoholic ginger beer with my name on it

Chelsea Jade


British Love

 Happy Olympics everybody!!

I thought I would whip out this United Kingdom flag tee for the event, even if I am in Nottingham

Tee - eBay, Skirt - House of Fraiser, Cuff - Oasap, Sandals - Garage Shoes (old)

I went out for a wander in a park with Zee again today to take advantage of this sun! We had a little row on the lake which was perfect! I also added a little photo of me laughing as I'm pretty sure I look super mardy/posey on my photos normally - it's because I don't like all the lines I get around my mouth when I smile ha. The tee I'm wearing is actually a kid boys top which I've tied up, I wanted to purchase something British themed for the games and decided to have a good old look on eBay. I found this baby for about £2.50!

In other news I'm selling a few pieces on eBay I have purchased from vintage/charity shops over the past year which I don't wear so take a wee look if you like 99p starting prices:

Hope you've had a lovely day!

Chelsea Jade


The Shortcut - Review

Do you love this Reverse dress as much as me? But £45 may seem a little steep for us girlies, you can get this dress for your next night out for a mere £14.99 from:

The shortcut

This is a wonderful company that contacted me not long ago to let me know about their service. On a night out we all want a fabulous outfit so we buy new things and then these only worn once dresses accumulate in our wardrobes. The Shortcut has offered us lovely ladies a solution, a dress rental service! You can rent a dress for the weekend, free delivery and free returns for only £14.99! Simply order before 8pm Wednesday and receive your dress in time for the weekend, wear it out, look fabulous and then return the dress using the pre-paid returns envelope! They deal with all the cleaning do you don't have to worry. And you can choose from a range of dresses:

Browse the website here for more dresses.

The team over at The Shortcut were kind enough to let me sample their service for free to review and inform you lovelies about their website. I of course had to pick this stunning harness style Reverse dress, I've loved it for so long!

So what do I think about the service provided?
The delivery and returns is totally free, which I think is pretty perfect to say that it's a recorded delivery service. The dress range on the website is gorgeous, however I do feel that there could be a wider selection to choose from, though they are a new company so I'm sure there is more to come!
They claim that "Every dress is cleaned meticulously before we send it out" and I can confirm that the dress I received was as good as new. I would love to know who their dry cleaner is! You can also order up to two dresses at a time so if you cant decide pick up two.

Use discount code "
FIRSTTIMETREAT" for 10% off your first order!

You should check out the website here and to find out more check out their FAQ page.

What do you think of the website?

Chelsea Jade


Well Hello Sun!

crop vest - H&M, Shorts -  Mink Pink, Wedges - Office

Sunglasses - ASOS, Earrings - Topshop
What a wonderful week we are having here in the UK! Hopefully the tourists here for the Olympics may actually get a few English rays. This is an outfit I wore yesterday for a day out with Zee, we went for a meal at Tamatanga (amazing!). Wandered in town and then visited a gorgeous park for a sunny stroll. These crop tops are £1.99 from H&M, so go check them out, I got myself 3 colours as there are quite a few to choose from!

Also I had a few comments on a previous post with my Skull button shirt, I have been informed that you can get the shirt much cheaper from other stores! Thankyou to everybody that let me know :) So for those of you in love with the shirt as much as I am, check it out here at boohoo or here at Miss Guided. It appears to be much more sheer than my version, though this may just be the photo.

Chelsea Jade


Cat Oversized Tee

Cardigan - Vintage Warehouse, Oversized Tee - eBay, Bag - Vintage, Creepers - So You Shoes

Sunglasses - ASOS, Spike Cuff - Oasap

I'm back from London! Though I'm pretty sure I didn't even tell you guys, I left Saturday morning to go and visit my two best friends in London. It was fabulous to see them and the sun came out just in time! We wandered around portobello market, checked out Yoko Ono's exhibition, had a picnic on hyde park and drank cocktails - perfect!

This is the cat dress/oversized tee which I purchased here on eBay just before I left for China in May. It is a gorgeous piece, sadly being 5'9 means this 'dress'  is more like a t-shirt on me, so yes ladies I do have shorts on underneath this! I've noticed this cat print in a few shops recently, don't pay too much this is only £12.28!
Just to inform you whilst in China I also purchased a pretty amazing Snow white vs Cats t-shirt dress super excited to show you guys! Snow white is my favourite disney film so I fell in love with this dress which you shall hopefully see later this week. Or sooner on instagram if you follow me at all (chelseajadeloves).

Hope you are all enjoying this sun!!

Chelsea Jade


Lush - Emotional Brilliance

Hey you beautiful ladies,
Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend an event at Lush Nottingham with some other lovely bloggers, to take a look at the new make-up range - emotional brilliance!

There are 30 amazing colours in the emotional brilliance range, so there is a colour for everyone. The colours include eyeliner, eyeshadow and liquid lipstick, yes thats right ladies liquid lipstick (the patent is currently pending for this product). However if you find a product which is an eyeshadow but you would prefer to use it as a lipstick or eyeliner and vice versa you can ask for a different wand. Which is what I did with the gorgeous colour motivation which I wore in a previous post.

When you are in store you will recieve your own reading which involves closing your eyes clearing your mind and picking three colours which stand out to you.

The fabulous Aida did my reading and these are the three colours I picked.
The first colour is meant to represent a strength or weakness, mine was feeling secure. The second colour is your subconscious speaking, my colour was ambition and finally the third colour is your aspiration, something you already do well and will help to achieve what your subconscious desires. My third colour was decisive, which is something I would need to achieve my ambition which I'd chosen for my second colour! We then got to try out the colours we had chosen, it was fabulous trying them out. I am very impressed with the liquid lipstick, you only need one dip of the applicator and the pigment is so strong its amazing!

This range is now in store so go in and get your reading done!

Here's a shot of me with some of the lovely bloggers that attended, this is my first event so it was fabulous to meet some bloggers finally!
Check out their blogs:

City Light Maverick
Ellie's Favourite Things
Nocturnal Beauty

(The those that I haven't linked I don't have your URLs so comment below so I can add you in)

How adorable are these bottles, they feel very Alice in Wonderland to me, especially with all the amazing colours!

In addition to this range there is Desert Island range which includes bronzer, highlighter, mascara and translucent powder. I really want to try out the highlighter around my eyes!

I purchased the blue motivation colour which I adore with but I am also in love with Wise a khaki green colour:

It will be perfect for the A/W military trend!

All items are vegan and contain only one preservative!

I'd love to hear what you think of this range and if you get a reading done how did it go?

Chelsea Jade


Yunnan Rucksack

Coat - Wild Clothing, Blouse - Thrifted, Skirt - Primark, Creepers - SoYouShoes, Bag - China.

A wee outfit I wore today my lovelies! This is my amazing rucksack from the old town in Yunnan, China! I'm in love!

Chelsea Jade



Come find out where this lip colour is from and when it is available on my blog Saturday!

Chelsea Jade