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Four Years

So today is my four year anniversary with my boyfriend Zee.
He's also the one that takes alot of my photos for this blog so I just wanted to share a few photos from the past 4 years:


Now back to fashion Zee purchased some goodies as my anniversary present! I'm totally in love!

Mink Pink Shirt
Mink Pink Shorts
Office Wedges

I'm one lucky girl.
Thankyou Zee!

Now I'm off to meet him at Yo Sushi

Chelsea Jade


April Bloggers

Its nearing the end of the month which means it's time for my to share some bloggers with you.

This is Lydia, she has a wardrobe to die for! She seems to look fabulous all the time so go check out her blog for some style inspiration!

I've come across Lily's blog very recently and love her style. You should take a look for your selves here, also if you are admiring her hair she's posted a wee tutorial!

This lovely lady has some gorgeous pieces of clothing! She has almost reached 200 followers so go take a look and follow if you love her style as much as me!

This is Tessa, I found her blog earlier this month and saved it for this months post. She has some really unique items, as you can see above, I love her blazer!

This is Georgia, she has a unique style I pretty much want to raid her wardrobe, clearly I cant so I thought I would share her with you so click here to find more of her looks!

Chelsea Jade


Lace Dress

Jacket - H&M, Dress - Ella Tino, Boots - ASOS


Good Evening!
As I said yesterday I have this pretty adorable Ella Tino dress here which I purchased the other week, it has now sold out, but if you check out their clothes you can use the code 'hearts' at the check out for 25% off! :)

I thought I would keep this outfit simple as I think the dress speaks for itself and I don't want to over complicate things, especially when I'm a poorly bunny! Well I say poorly, I'm not dying or anything I have a cold and headache which is making me very sleepy...check me out feeling all sorry for myself.

Right I'm coming off here to get my jewellery making on, I seriously do not have enough stock right now for a stall, so I need to be speedy.

Hope you are all have a wonderful weekend!

Chelsea Jade


Primarked Up.

Skirt + Blouse - Primark

Hello you beauties!!
I've been a busy little bee so today you have a little revision outfit, I was sat in Cafe Nero once again working on an essay.Just to give you a little insight into what I'm currently dealing with....I'm currently trying to answer these two questions:

"What regions in the cerebral cortex and brain structures are known to be involved in learning and memory? Evaluate the role of these areas in the production of memories."

"What psychological functions are known to be lateralised in the human brain? Critically evaluate how hemispheric laterality is measured in auditory and visual neuropsychological experiments."

Anyway the blouse I'm wearing right now is £8 (if I remember correctly) in Primark at the moment! It's pretty cute, its quite sheer but I have a vest top underneath here. I have an outfit post planned from tomorrow with my Lace dress from EllaTino, so if the rain holds off you may get a more interesting post tomorrow!

I've also been majorly busy making jewellery for Little Teacup as I will be selling in Lush Nottingham again on the 5th and 6th May. So check out the Facebook event if you from Nottingham! Also thankyou to everybody that has ordered, it means alot that people want to wear the pieces I make!

Now I'm off to eat some home made authentic Chinese food...god bless Zee's parents!

Chelsea Jade


Holiday Purchases

Here are a few pieces I have picked up recently for my trip to China in June, so excited! I'm excited to visit some amazing places but the main reason I'm going is to go and meet the rest of my boyfriends  family, which is making me a little nervous as I don't speak Mandarin! Back to the clothes, I have purchased a few new pieces that I wont be wearing until I get to China so I have some newbies to photograph whilst I'm there.

This dress is from H&M is £7.99 but I got this one for £5 as it's strap was broken, but it's nothing a needle and thread wont fix!

This gorgeous printed bodycon skirt is from River Island for £12.
However I did take advantage of the 20% off for student day today!

I've had my eye on this baby for about a month now, its from River Island for £20! So when I heard about the student event I had to have it, I'm so excited to wear this I may not be able to wait until June!

This is an over sized t-shirt dress from H&M for £6.99, I'm looking forward to pairing this with some neon accessories. I'm looking for a skinny neon belt and a pair of sandals for this cutie.

Did anybody else have a little look in River Island with the 20% off for Students event?

Chelsea Jade


The Perfect Parka

So in my last outfit post I had alot of comments from you lovely ladies saying you needed to invest in a parka jacket. So I had a little look around and found these babies for you to make it a little easier!

1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8

Hopefully some of you will have found this useful!
I'm off to nurse my hangover now

Chelsea Jade



Jacket - Dorothy Perkins, Cardigan - Primark, Dress- Primark, Trainers - Converse
Wolf Necklace £5.99 - Little Teacup
Pendant Ring £2.99 - Little Teacup
Nail Varnish - Barry M Berry Ice Cream

Good evenings you beauties! Just a simple outfit for you lovelies today as the weather can't seem to make up its mind, I whipped out my new parka jacket which is currently in Dorothy Perkins Sale for about £20. As for the dress, it is the one i mentioned in a previous post and tweeted about as it is a similar style to the Topshop T-shirt dress but its only £8 in good old primarni!

Some of you may have also noticed that I have changed my blog URL, I did it yesterday so I'm not sure whether is has changed fully yet as it can take a few days. I have now changed to the shorted URL of as the previous 'lets put our hearts together.blogspot' was abit of a mouthful and I wanted to change it before it got too late.

I better keep this short and sweet as it is Zee's 21st birthday today and we are going out tonight! :)

Chelsea Jade


Tribal and Aztec Shopping List

We all love abit of aztec print, so when we spotted it on the catwalks once again we welcomed its return with open arms. Though we may have a few pieces already will surely be topping up on a little dose of the print in lots of fabulous new stock in lots of highstreet stores.
So I have taken it upon my self to find tribal and aztec pieces, for all price ranges!


River Island:


Happy Shopping

Chelsea Jade


Neon Backpack

Necklace - Topshop

Jacket - Miss Selfridge, Shirt - eBay, Shorts - eBay + DIY, Shoes - H&M

Backpack - ASOS (on sale)
So today I have a little splash of colour for you, this is my new backpack from ASOS, I got this for £5 the other day. I was pretty sure it was labelled wrong so I got it straight away, and I must have been right as it is now on for £12.50! Its very bright but I adore it!! Plus the pink handles on the top means I can hold it like a tote bag too. 
As for the shorts, they were a DIY job on some old school george asda shorts, I really don't wear them very much though, so I'm thinking of poppping them on eBay soon. Sadly these photos were taken after being soaked in the rain and then drying off, so I didn't want to spend long posing, so these are the best of the bunch.

Now this is a quick post the weather is looking lovely so I'm popping into town, I need to get started on this months Street style post! Plus I'm out tonight for some early birthday celebrations for Zee's 21st :)



Bright Floral

Jacket - Miss Selfridge, Shirt - eBay, Leggings - H&M

Isn't it so beautifully ugly!?
 Well hello you lovelies, how are you on this not so fine day?
Has the weather been pretty awful the rest of you UK lovelies as well? Not cool. I did however find a blank wall at Zee's house to take indoor photos! This is the amazingly ugly shirt I ordered a few weeks back off eBay for a mere £4.50, bargain.
I really don't have any news for you, as I am totally swamped with this presentation for tomorrow, but I took 10 minutes out to share this beast of a shirt with you.

I know I haven't replied to all of your comments, but I will catch up tomorrow.
As of 12pm tomorrow I will be free!
Free as a pretty little birdie.

Chelsea Jade


Abit of smacker.

Cross Earrings £2.99 - Here

So the other night I went out and it was one of the rare occasions that I decided to stick on a little lipstick. I fell on love with this Rimmel London Starry-Eyed lipstick after spotting it on Kim from Sweet Monday, I purchased it almost straight away as it's the perfect colour for my skin tone.
Now I am no beauty blogger, in fact I would be a pretty awful beauty blogger! I slap on abit of foundation, powder, liquid liner flicks and some mascara and I'm content really. But I did feel that I need to let you girlies know, if you didn't already, how perfect this lipstick is. It stayed on for a whole night of drinking and hardly showed up on Zee's lips after I kissed him....not a great look for him when that does happen (sorry zee)!

I then decided to whip this bad boy out in the day time, to mix up my make-up a wee bit. I went out for a Chinese meal with the boyf and this lipstick lasted through about half of my meal. Slurping up oily noodles (attractive, I know) and it almost stayed intact.

Anyway what I'm getting at with all this waffling is that these pretty cheap Rimmel London Lipsticks are rather excellent.

I also have a rather wonderful shirt to share with you tomorrow, it's such an awfully beautiful bright print....wondering if you will be feeling my love for this garish piece!

I'm now off to memorise a fun!

Chelsea Jade


My new Shorts

Jacket - Miss Selfridge, Cardigan - Topshop, Tee - Levis, Shorts - Primark, Flatforms - H&M

Hello you beauties!
Sorry my posts are less regular than usual, I've had 3 deadlines over the past week...well one is yet to come, I have to do a presentation on Thursday!

These shorts are from Primark for £4! I love them, they are pretty similar to some aztec shorts in Topshop. I would recommend a pair if you spot them in your local shop :) This does mean however that I broke my April Shopping ban.... two weeks was pretty good for me though haha

And of course breaking my shopping ban lead me to buy even more things! Student loan leads to way too much temptation! I ended up buying this lovely from Ella Tino sale:

£14.99 + 25% off!

Don't forget you can use the discount code "hearts" for 25% off Ella Tino, that's on sale items as well ladies :)

Right I need to get some uni work done now.
Hope your having a fabulous weekend!

Chelsea Jade



Headpiece - Little Teacup, Lipstick - Rimmel London Starry Eyed
Tote - A Gift from my big Sister ( Miss Selfridge)
Jacket - Miss Selfridge, Tee - Primark, Shorts - eBay + DIY
Well hello you lovely ladies!!
This is what I wore yesterday...well I also have it on today as I was up at 7am at uni for 8.30. I've had a pretty productive morning,  I finished and handed in two essays, however I have a presentation to write and memorise for a weeks time. Wound.
I purchased this ET t-shirt from the mens section of Primark a couple of weeks ago for just £5! Also this head piece is now in stock at Little Teacup for those of you that are interested!

Now changing subject slightly I would like to introduce you to this website I came across recently Ella-Tino.

They have some gorgeous pieces in at the moment, and they are offering everybody the chance to win a whole outfit (An item of clothing, a pair of shoes and one accessory!).To enter simply like them here on Facebook and share this competition image on their timeline.

The lovely ladies at at Ella-Tino were kind enough to offer all you beautiful readers 25% off!! So check out their website and enter 'hearts' at the check out for 25% off your purchase.

Chelsea Jade


When I Appear

Happy Easter you beauties!!
I hope you have all eaten your weight in chocolate and are feeling as sick as I am....although mine is alcohol related. I had a lovely night out with my best friends who are back for Easter! I hope you are all having a lovely bank holiday weekend :)
These are my vintage Pepe jeans which I got off eBay last year, I don't tend to wear them that often as this style of jeans I find are quite unflattering. But they are so beautifully ugly I like to whip them our every now and then.

Also I have had a few comments on my blog suggesting I would suit shorter hair. I think I have mentioned this before but I'm still growing my hair after having it cut by Vidal Sassoon into this:

It does look pretty amazing looking back on the photos but it was awful to grow out! I'm only just at the length it was before I had it chopped. Anyway, this is why I wont be cutting my hair short any time soon my lovelies!

Right I'm off to finish my easter egg!

Chelsea Jade


Galaxy Print

 So here is my new AX Paris dress which I ordered from the Lovely Frank Boutique. I'm in love! I adore the asymmetrical shape and for those of you that haven't saw it yet there is a collection in this print!

Jacket - Miss Selfridge, Dress - Frank Boutique, Dr Martens- Gift

Sadly the weather in the UK is not that great at the moment, so I paired this dress with my leather jacket and  Dr Martens. I'm looking forward to wearing it in the summer with my legs out! It was a little depressing layering up this beauty after last weeks amazing weather.

Also after looking at these photos I think I am in serious need of some new hair style. Or at least spend some more time on styling, possibly a trim, its had better days!

Anyway I just wanted to share this dress with you lovelies, I'd better go as I'm going out tonight, and I have a Crabbies with my name on it. Check out Frank Boutique if you have a minute :)

Chelsea Jade