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Nottingham Street Style - March

Another instalment of Nottingham fashion for you lovelies!

This girls outfit is fabulous, a mix of two of this seasons trends, pastels and florals. And of course how adorable are her sunglasses! Perfect for the sunny weather we've had here in England this week.

How amazing does he look! His hair and sunglasses work perfectly together, then the outfit, monochrome with a pop of yellow - brilliant.

So I've popped my favourite two at the beginning of the post, which do you like?

Chelsea Jade


Sugarhill Boutique

Playsuit - Sugarhill Boutique, Jacket + Flatforms - H&M

How beautiful is this playsuit, this has to be one of my favourite colours! The detail on the top is so pretty, you should check out Sugarhill Boutique if you haven't already, they have some pretty beautiful dresses. I totally need to buy the sunflower dress, its amazing. The jacket is from H&M, I purchased it whilst in London this last week. Forgive me for not being very imaginative when it comes to shoes, I've not wanted to wear heels much recently, which is difficult as I don't have many flats!

A short post today as I am off to Cafe Nero once again, I have an essay to get on with, though I wish I was enjoying the sun abit more. Its apparently the last day of this glorious weather!

Chelsea Jade


March Bloggers

Some more bloggers to share with you beauties!

This gorgeous girlie, with the most impressive hair might I add, has amazing style! The third image has to be my favourite of her looks, I love the contrast of the girly dress and khaki jacket. So if you like her style go and check out Sarah's blog, Nifty Thrifts.

Jade is the lovely lady behind Alright Blondie, she looks gorgeous all the time. Also she has the wonderful aztec playsuit, check out her blog here to get some inspiration!

Lella Victoria
I've followed Daniella's looks for a while on and was very happy when she started up her blog. She has a way of layering items, that most people wouldn't be able to pull off. If you haven't already take a look at her blog and check out her amazing wardrobe!

This is Quinn, she has a very unique style, she has some gorgeous pieces of clothing. Just looking at the three photos above you can see she has amazing style, you should totally check out her blog.

I found this wonderfully stylish lady on ASOS Fashion Finder last year, I'm very glad I came across her looks. She has some very inspirational outfits and does the most amazing DIYs! I'm sure lots of you follow the wonderful Victoria already, but if not visit her blog here.

Chelsea Jade


Floral Leggings

T-shirt - Obey, Leggings - Magenta, Shoes - eBay

Hello you babes.
This blog is officially one year old! I do apologise for the lack of birthday post, but there wouldn't have been any content, just me in a hat.
These leggings were £5 from one of those shops where everything is £5 and £10. You can find similar ones here at Pop Couture. These sandals are my new amazingly ugly slightly too large second hand babies from eBay! £3.70 bargain.

This is an odd outfit for me, I look at it and like it, but then I look back again and wonder what on earth I'm wearing. Whats done is done, all I know is that I was comfy.

Also I have added new products to my Little Teacup shop!
The headpiece which I wore here, is now in stock too.
It would be lovely of you to check out the website!!

Now I'm off to write an essay, fun fun.
Hope all you lovelies are having fun in the sun!

Chelsea Jade


Cropped Vest

Sunglasses - eBay, Jacket -  Miss Selfridge, Cropped Vest + Skirt - Topshop, Flatforms - H&M

Earrings - £2.99 - Little Teacup
Hello you beautiful girlies! And boys (possibly)
What have you all been up to in this glorious weather?

Other than strutting round in my fake Alexander Wang glasses (if only I could afford the real deal) I spent a lovely day in Nottingham City Centre with my lovely sister. I also managed to snap a few style photos, looking forward to getting some more for this months post.
If any of you are from Nottingham, and fancy having your outfit photographed tweet me! Just drop me a tweet if you are in town, I'm usually in a Cafe Nero doing work :)

Also majorly lusting after this skirt in another colour! It would be greatly appreciated if you would share your knowledge of these babies with me.

On another note Lets Put Our Hearts Together is One year Old tomorrow!!
I don't really have a post planned for tomorrow, but I may do a wee one.
I may wear a birthday hat




 Hello you beautiess!
How amazing is this weather at the moment!? I'm one happy girl, lets just hope it lasts a little while.

As some of you know I've been in London for the past couple of days with my two best friends. We had a fabulous time. Thursday we shopped (my latest purchases to come soon!). Friday we ate lunch near Buckingham Palace, visited the Tate and went out in the evening. Saturday we bought Sushi and ate it on Hyde Park. Perfect.

I only took a few snaps on Friday so here they are:

Shirt - Topshop, Tee - Levis, Shorts - H&M, Tights - Pretty Polly, Flatforms - H&M

Lucy wearing my Handmade Shorts
Jess looking lovely in her new H&M blazer
Keeping it short and sweet, as I'm off to catch some rays! Seriously I am luminous in the sun, I reflect the light I'm that pale, must be the Scottish genes ha. The last time I saw Zee was Wednesday, so I'm off to grab some lunch.

Also I'm selling some clothes on eBay if you wanted to check them out :)

Hope you are all having a fabulous weekend!


p.s) I will be catching up on all your blogs this evening and tomorrow


Just a Few

I do try to take photos of what I'm wearing often but I dont think its realistic to do one everyday unless you fancy seeing me running out the house to catch the bus with a piece of toast at the ready.
And of course the days I spend at home in leggings, paired with one of my boyfriends tees eating numerous bowls of coco shreddies whilst catching up on 90210. Not something I want on the Internet really.
I'll stop waffling

Here are a few outfits I've worn over the past two weeks that I've sadly not had the chance to photograph:

Tee - Miss Selfridge, Skirt - H&M, Wedges - eBay

Necklace - Little Teacup, Tee - Goodie Two Sleeves, Shorts - Etsy, Shoes - eBay

Blouse - New Look, Skirt - Miss Selfridge, Wedges - eBay

Vest - Topshop, Skirt - Primark, Shoes - H&M

This last one is what I wore today, I had a nice day out with Zee. He treated me to a beautiful Tamatangas Lunch and then we went to the cinema to see 21 Jump street. The film is very funny, I would suggest going to see it if you have the chance.

I'm very excited as I am going to London tomorrow to see my friends Jess and Lucy. We will be heading to the Motel Sample Sale, and lots of other lovely places. As I wont be heading back until Saturday evening I'm not sure I will be posting until the weekend.

Also thankyou for the lovely comments on my previous post about my jewellery selling :) I had several comments asking where I sell my items, I have shop: Little Teacup. I should have more stock online next week!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend.



My Time at Lush

So as I have mentioned previously that I was invited into Lush Nottingham to sell my jewellery from Little Teacup.  After giving my amazing mumzee breakfast in bed along with her prezzies I got ready for a day at lush. 

Little Teacup
Little Teacup

Little Teacup

I managed to sell about 18 pieces so I was very happy. 
I have also been invited back for a perfume party they will be having in the future. Which is very exciting!!

I also woke up to some good news, I've reached 400 followers!!
I'm so grateful to all of you that read my blog I really appreciate it! It means so much to me that so many of you are reading what little old me writes.

Chelsea Jade

p.s) I have also been considering moving to a new blog that I was going to call "Chelsea Jade". I just picked 'Lets put our hearts together' randomly and it's such a long URL, rather than just change the URL I was going to move to a new domain. I was just wondering if anybody else has done this before, I'm worried about losing readers etc. If anybody has switched blogger domains before I would love to hear how it went at the time!


Motel Midi

Today I went to highfields park with the boyf to take some photos :)
This is Zee :)

There is a pretty beautiful water feature

And the squirrels are super friendly
I decided to brave a midi skirt today, they aren't really my style as they make me feel pretty frumpy, but when this gorgeous skirt went into the Motel Fiver Friday sale I had to have it! So here is how I styled it:

Jacket and Tee - Miss Selfridge, Skirt - Motel, Belt - Primark, Flatforms - ASOS

Fake Sunnies - £7.99 Here

And yaaay my hair is finally long enough for a donut!!
I had my hair cut a while back by Vidal Sassoon, I came out with a short bowl cut and my hair is only just the length it used to be, I'm happy to have it back :)

I'd better go now as I have to prepare price labels etc for my table at Lush Nottingham selling jewellery! So excited, would be lovely to see some of you Nottingham beauties if you are in town at all.

Have a fabulous weekend!


Sugarhill Boutique

I've recently come across a new website that I am absolutely in love with! Sugarhill Boutique have some gorgeous designs in, especially the dresses:

1       2       3       4       5       6

 And of course the playsuits:

1        2        3

I do have a favourite dress, I spotted it in Ark Clothing, I fell in love immediately.
I am in need of this dress in my life!

It's perfect for spring but would be the perfect dress to follow me right through to winter paired with a cropped jumper.

You should check out their website!

Chelsea Jade


Tribal Leggings

Jacket - Miss Selfridge, Tee - Zee's, Leggings c/o Pop Couture, Flatforms - H&M

Hello beautifuls!
The lovely people at Pop Courture were kind enough to send me these amazing leggings! They are just a mere £9 for a gorgeous pair of on trend leggings. I thought I would dress them simply, as they are such a statement pattern, though I'm looking forward to pairing them with a clashing pattern!

And of course I'm still living in these H&M flatforms, I'm worried I may not be able to walk in heels properly soon! haha. Hopefully walking in heels is like riding a bike and I will be able to pick it up again... though this comparison may be quite amusing to my friends, in particular my boyfriend, I actually cant ride a bike! I thought they were silly when I was little and I loved my caterpillar scooter way too much for a bike. such a cool kid Ha!

I also wanted to let you know about a dress I got from Primark for a mere £8.
It's very similar to the Topshop t-shirt dress so for those of you that can afford £25 this one below is very similar. Also available in a slightly longer belted version for £10.

Chelsea Jade


What I Wore This Weekend

I managed to fit in three sets of photos of what I wore Friday to Sunday so I thought I would share them all with you. 


Jacket - H&M, Tee - See by Chloe, Short - Paris Second Handshop, Wedges - eBay
These shorts are actually a pair of trousers rolled up, well I'm pretty sure they are kids trousers and they are so short and tiny. I got them when I went to Paris with my sister last year. The tee is courtesy of my big sister, she found it in TKMaxx in the goldlabel section, I was so happy when she called to say she'd found me a Chloe top!


Jacket - H&M, Blouse - Primark, Shorts - eBay

Headpiece - Coming soon on Little Teacup

Shoes - Tesco, Socks - New Look

Looking at the photos the shoes don't seem to match entirely, they were a last minute addition to the outfit and I purchased the shoes from Tesco on Friday evening. I have been looking for a pair of plain black flat shoes for a while now and these are the first pair I've come across that I quite liked. I think I'm just addicted to heels to be fair.


Playsuit - Motel

I went to Highfields park in Nottingham with my boyfriend planning to take lots of nice photos, I whipped out my camera as one of the squirrels got pretty close and my camera flashed 'no memory card'! I was so annoyed but Zee decided to take some photos on his phone so these last two are off his phone. It was such a lovely day on Sunday as the weather was so beautiful for a change! Well it was warm, just not warm enough for shorts, flip flops and sunglasses like I saw on a number of people. England gets way too excited when there is a glimpse of sun! It was a lovely glimpse of what is to come, I cannot wait for summer.

I've been pretty busy recently as I have two essays to finish for the end of the month. I've also had some exciting news about my jewellery shop, on Sunday this week I have a table set up to sell my items in Lush Nottingham! I've been a busy little bee making lots of earrings and necklaces, the head piece above is my latest creation. So if any of you are from Nottingham, pop into Lush on Sunday it would be lovely to see some of you :)

Chelsea Jade