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Nottingham Street Style - February

Some more fabulous outfits from Nottingham

I just had to snap a picture of this fabulous looking girl!

A perfect colour combination the skirt is beautiful

My lovely friend Claudia rocking the AA Riding pants.
And that man clearly wanted in on the action!

I love how this girl style her maxi skirt the chunky knit works perfectly.

Which of these outfits is your favourite?



February Bloggers

So I thought I would start a new monthly feature on Lets Put Our Hearts Together, showing you some of my favourite bloggers of the month or some new ones I've started reading.

Simply click the name to find the blog.

This is a blogger I've recently come across, who has a wonderful sense of style. I'm also pretty jealous she managed to get the Topshop cross skirt!(above)

Lydia has a gorgeous style, toughening up girly pieces with darker colours and leather. Perfect

I'm sure plenty of you have seen this girls amazing style, she seems to suit every pattern going and has a wardrobe to die for.


This lovely lady behind Ciao! Manhattan is one I've been following for a little while but I love her blog and style so wanted to share it with you guys.



London Fashion Week Star Style

How amazing do some of these lovely ladies look, my favourite has to be Poppy Delevigne.

There are tonnes of street style photos out there.
Here are a few links for you:
Rachel Phipps

Do you know of any websites that feature some great street style shots?




Turband - ASOS,Jacket - Miss Selfridge,Jumper - Vintage,Skirt - eBay,Shoes - H&M,Bag - DIY

Jewellery - eBay

This is a little outfit I wore yesterday and today whilst wandering around trying to find some lovelies in Nottingham for the street style feature for February.
I thought I would get out some of my turbands as I haven't wore any for a while, this has to be my favourite of the mini collection I have.

I had a trip to H&M today whilst wandering around and ended up buying these gorgeous leather look shorts with the rest of my H&M voucher:

excuse the mirror/changing room shot
I wanted to add this photo as the bralet is a white leather look one, its gorgeous! Sadly my wee breasticles didn't quite fill the cups but I thought some of you lovelies may like it as its only £19.99.



ASOS Wishlist

Floral Trousers
Flatform Trainers
Flatform Sandal
Ear cuff and comb
Floral Shorts
Zip Bag
Aztec Playsuit

I'm absolutely in love with the floral trousers and so I thought I would share them with you, but then of course I found some other beauties. I practically live in my flatforms from H&M so these ASOS ones may be another addition in the future.
As I don't have all that much money I gone through my wardrobe once again and chosen quite a few pieces to sell on my eBay. So if any of you fancy shopping my wardrobe check out my ebay here.

A little off topic but for those of you that like Tatty Devine you should check out how Claires Accessories have ripped them off here.

Whats on your wishlist at the moment lovelies?



Floral Shirt

Shirt - eBay, Jacket + Flatforms - H&M, Skirt - Primark

Good morning lovelies

This is actually what I wore to university yesterday. This shirt is a new edition to my wardrobe, I got it from eBay for a mere 99p! I paired it with some pleather pieces as the weather is pretty cold still but I am looking forward to wearing it with some vintage style jeans in the summer, without having to wear a coat!

I've been keeping up to date with LFW, the Topshop Unique was perfect, and I loved Michael Van Der Ham along with Daks.
It seems Military and Metalics are going to be making an appearance this A/W

Have you had any favourites?


p.s) Shop my wardrobe on eBay if you fancy helping my afford some floral trousers


Find Something Different

T-shirt - Here, Skirt + Flatforms - H&M, Belt - Primark, Spike Necklace - Topshop

Looking disctracted as little Albus almost murders my new camera for making a noise!

So this post is about a lovely little eBay store called 'Find Something Different' which I would never come across has it not been for a wishlist I spotted on effiesmakeupbox
I have purchased the two t-shirts below from this seller so far:

These two t-shirts are listed as childrens t-shirts but the extra large is an age 12-14 with a 34 inch / 86 cm chest, which I would say is about a UK 8-10.
They do however have larger sizes in the men and womens sections.

The t-shirts are amazing quality for the price, they have not shrunk, or lost their shape in the wash, and best of all the print has not cracked or peeled.
I would really recommend buying one if you like any of the designs!

Here are a few of my favourites:

Unicorn, Kittens, Eagle, Solar System, Wolves + Moon, Wolves.

Have a lovely day!


p.s) I simply like this shop I have not been asked to promote the t-shirts at all.


Eyeliner Dot


So this, the eyeliner heart/dot, is something I spotted in magazines years ago, something which I've saw on the catwalk but never on any body in person. I personally think it looks gorgeous, and even though it took a lengthy admiration period, I have eventually tried it out.
This is how I tend to do my eyes on a night out. 

I had planned an outfit post today but I've been in leggings and a t-shirt whilst sewing all day!

For those of you that haven't seen it already I have a jewellery giveaway ending this month.
Hope you have all had a lovely weekend!

p.s) I've listed some items on eBay today too


Brown Shorts

Bag + Jacket - H&M, Tee + belt - Primark, Shorts - Vera Moda, Shoes - ASOS

This is what I wore today, to take photos in Nottingham for the February Street Style post. I felt a little odd in these shorts as brown is not a colour I tend to wear, so I found it a little difficult to style these after buying them in the January sales. What would you lovelies where them with? The t-shirt is a good example of the mens t-shirts in Primark - so much nicer than the womens section most of the time.

I also wanted to thankyou all for the feedback on the jewellery I have been making, it's lovely to hear that I have made something others may be interested in wearing!

I went out last night for a friends birthday and I am doing so again tonight. I want to share some of my night time outfits with you, but its awkward to get a full length photo indoors for me. I don't have all that much room stand in front of a blank wall. I may take some photos next week in my garden  to show examples of what I wear in the evening too, for any of you that would be interested.

I'm going to stop waffling and get to editing the photos for the Street Style post.

Hope you all have a fab weekend!


Jewellery Giveaway

Some of you may have noticed on my previous post the necklace I made for myself. I have been making lots of jewellery over the past two weeks (I've not forgotten about the shorts for those of you interested I'm still waiting for more fabric to arrive). I'm hoping to open an online shop with the jewellery depending on your opinions of what I have made so far.

So I have decided to do a giveaway with some of the pieces I have made:

Short chain necklaces
Mix and Match earrings
Double Chain Ring (adjustable)
Cross Ear Cuff

To celebrate (slightly late) Lets Put Our Hearts Together reaching 300 followers, I am giving away 2 pieces of jewellery from the images above.
The winner will be able to pick which two items they would like to receive at the end of the giveaway. 
After the giveaway the rest of the jewellery will be sold on my etsy.

This is a UK giveaway only lovelies 

Now Ended

- Simply leave your name and e-mail address in a comment below
- Extra entries will be given to those that share this on Facebook or Twitter

This giveaway ends at midnight on 29th February 



Boating Lake

Cardigan - Primark, Tee- Noah and the Whale, Jeans - Topshop, Flatforms - H&M

Necklace - DIY

Yesterday I went to the University Boating Lake in Nottingham as its just around the corner from my boyfriends house, we went for a little walk around so I could have a play with my new camera :)
It was absolutely freezing though! I'm not crazy having no coat, I had 3 cardigans and a hoody on.

We spent a wee bit of time feeding the squirrels as they are pretty brave and just come and eat out of your hand. So cute. 
If you do come to Nottingham, this park is a lovely place to visit :)

This is my boyfriend Zee, he takes alot of my photos so I thought I would share him with you guys :)

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend!



Pop Couture

So this morning I was chilling watching Lorraine when the mini fashion feature they have came on and the gorgeous mustard dress popped up for only £13!

Find it here

Found at a website, Pop Couture, which I had never come across before. So I decided to take a look, everthing is so reasonably priced! Not all of it is to my taste but of course you have that with many shops, but I did find alot of things that I would love to purchase, had I not just brought a new Camera!

Below are some of the bargain buys I came across:

I adore the mustard dress and hope to get my hands on it eventually, but also the leopard bralet is a particular favourite of mine!

Hopefully you lovelies will find some other gems on this website if you haven't visited it already.

And on a final note, I just want to thank all my wonderful followers for your comments on my posts recently. Its been over the past month or so in particular I'm been getting many more comments than I imagined I would. It means so much to me that you take the time to comment my posts!



DIY shorts

Cardigan - Vintage Warehouse, Tee - Levis, Shorts - DIY, Belt - Primark, Boots - Doc Martens

Hello you lovelies
The past few days I've been a little busy with uni work, sewing and generally hiding away from all this awful weather in England we are having at the moment! So I don't have much news for you other than, you may have noticed from the photos, I have a new camera!
I got this baby yesterday, Zee paid towards it for my Valentines present. 
How lovely :)

I'm very happy with my new camera!
Hopefully when this snow has stopped and the ice has disappeared I can start on the February street style post


p.s) I've recently purchased some more of this fabric to make some more shorts for my etsy store... let me know what sizes you would like if you like to purchase any. Would £11.99 be a reasonable price do you think lovelies?