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Velvet Leggings

Hat - Primark, T-Shirt - Boyfriends, Coat - Wild,
- Urban Outfitters, Flatforms - H&M

Just simple outfit for my awful 1-8 pm timetable at uni!

I'm absolutely loving my new leggings! They are so comfy, and I feel that thickness would allow me to wear them with a shorter top too.
The t-shirt is an Element one, stolen from my boyfriend. I say stolen but he did give it to me to sleep in, as I miss him when I sleep at home (one of the sloppiest or cutest couples, however you may choose to view it). I washed and ironed it to wear myself...which I'm not sure was part of the deal. Sorry Zee! haha

Also dont forget lovelies I am selling some things from my wardrobe on eBay.

And finally I have a few posts scheduled for this week, one of which brings together a little collection of creepers and flatforms for your viewing



Weekend In Wonderland

This weekend I visited Liverpool for the first time in years, I took my older sister to the Alice in Wonderland exhibition at the Tate. 
Sadly neither of us are that artsy so we may not have appreciated it all but  my sister has loved Alice in Wonderland since she was little, the exhibition included original drawings and the manuscript! We had a fabulous time together and of course after we'd finished there we both went shopping.

I may have forgotten about the whole "don't buy anything unless you can think of several outfits first" and purchased these two lovelies :

Velvet Leggings : Urban outfitters - £15

This next item was an amazing bargain... I found a bralet from a few seasons ago in Topshop which I love but never purchased. It was the last one in my size and reduced to just £10! I got to the till and it was actually only £1 as it had been in and out of the sale cycle several times! 

Bralet : Topshop -£1
So lucky to have found it!

Sorry for the lack of variety in my posts recently, I've been a tad busy with my uni work and I've been feeling a little... bleurgh recently, if this term can be used. My friends in Nottingham have either moved away to Uni or are busy with their new friends on their course. I sadly haven't made many friends, that I spend time with out of lectures, during my time so far as I am not in halls or a shared house. So I don't get to go out at night all that much or if I'm shopping I tend to be on my own (when I'm not dragging poor old Zee around). I feel awkward trying to make friends at the age of 20!
Oh the good old days when you could wander up to a group of people, share your toys and become friends! haha
Anyway enough of my little sob story

How have your weekends been?


Nottingham Street Style - January (2)

 Here are some more amazing outfits from the streets of Nottingham, I did come across some rather fashionable boys this time.
Below are a few of my favourites:

 These two caught my eye straight away.
I love the denim pieces and of course the creepers. And how perfect is his jumper with the spike patch shoulders.

I love the layered look, the boots are also amazing but sadly slightly covered in this image and how adorable is her hat!

Absolutely gorgeous coat and how amazing is her hair

Below are some more examples of Nottingham Style:



Faux Fur and Flatforms

Coat - Warehouse, Tee - Here, Leggings - H&M

A feeble attempt at showing off my Flatforms.

Flatform Plimsoll - H&M

Good afternoon lovelies,

This outfit is very basic but so amazingly comfy, leggings and a baggy tee, almost like wearing pyjamas in public. My new coat is also perfect to keep me warm in this awful English weather we are all having at the moment. Fingers crossed for some sun soon! (possibly a little to early to be wishing...)

The shoes are also particularly comfy, I love flatforms at the moment. I know creepers are so beautiful its just not something I can pull off or afford. A nice alternative I think is the flatform shoe that have been on alot of catwalks, and much cheaper, these ones above were £12.99 from H&M.

I have also entered the Company Casting Call with River Island over the weekend and it would mean alot to me if you would take a minute to like my photo to vote for me!


p.s) I've recently added a little link on my sidebar for my friends Drum and Bass Youtube Channel. If you like drum and bass you should check out his channel and like him on Facebook!


New Coat

Hello you beauties
I'm back from Manchester now, Jeremy Kyle was so fun! He's a little different to how I imagined but it was pretty funny getting to see him on his little rants. Also Manchester was a great place to shop, but sadly the weather was awful so we didn't get to visit all the places we wanted.  I did however purchase this gorgeous coat :

Its so lovely! I know I have a few faux fur coats already but this was reduced from £110 to £40 and its currently 20% discount for students at Warehouse, so I got it for £32!

For those of you that mentioned the faux fur coat I had already I'm now selling it on eBay along with some other items:





Check out all my items here

I'm going to keep this post short and sweet so that I can catch up with all the posts I have missed this weekend



Vintage Jeans

Blouse - Miss Selfridge, Jeans + Shoes - Ebay
I love these jeans but this is the first time I've braved them out in public! This is what I wore to uni today, the jeans are just so comfy, and I was pretty lucky to get a pair that don't make you look like you have a flat 90's bum. ha.

The above photo is a little bit of a lie, whilst taking these photos I realised just how cold it was outside and swapped the leather jacket for my faux fur coat as I left the house.

Ear Cuff - Regal Rose

This will be my last post until next week, unless I have anytime on Sunday as I'm going to Manchester with Zee for the weekend. We got tickets to be in the Audience of Jeremy Kyle (thats like Ricki Lake or Jerry Springer for any American readers). I'm pretty excited to see who we will be watching haha but as we were travelling to Manchester we decided to stay the night and go shopping Saturday.
So if any of you have a place to recommend in Manchester that would be lovely!

Hope you all have a great weekend



SS12 - Primark Lookbook

I'm sure many of you would have already spotted some of the lovely items from Primarks spring collection in store already but I thought I would share a few pieces with you:


Suspender Shorts

Hat - Primark, Hoody - American Aparel,  Jacket - Miss Selfridge, Shorts - Here, Boots - ASOS

This is a very unplanned outfit post, I went out last night, wearing the shorts, metallic tee and over the knee socks. 
I stayed over at my boyfriends house after, so in the morning I didn't really have anything else to wear, I put on a pair of tights, a hoody and my hat. On the way out of the house Zee asked if I wanted a photo taking of my outfit, I laughed as I hadn't showered and classily just topped up last nights make up.
However Zee liked what I was wearing and took a couple of photos anyway, so here is my last nights look reworked to travel home.

Just a wee photo of my shorts closer up:


I guess looking back at the photos it doesn't look bad at all, but I felt pretty awful at the time!

I also just wanted to say Thankyou to all my new (and old) followers for all the lovely comments you've left for me recently, It's lovely to hear that you like what my little old self is wearing!



Full on Floral

Hat - H&M, Tee - Topshop, Jacket - Miss Selfridge, Shorts - Topshop, Flatforms - ASOS

Hello lovelies.
As you may have read previously, I'm loving the clashing patterns and florals for Spring and Summer, but I just couldn't wait so here is my first full on floral look.
With my brand new amazing ASOS flatforms:

So I hadn't planned on wearing these shoes, I was already dressed in the floral shorts and Top when an ASOS box arrived and I just had to wear them! They are so so beautiful, I cant wait to wear them in the summer!

I may not post over the next few days as its my sisters birthday night out tonight and then I have two more deadlines, along with a bunch of chapters to read! I will hopefully be catching up with my reading of blogs very soon, I've had a little skim but I've just been so busy!


p.s) changed my google name to my blog name instead of 'chelsea.jade' and some how only just noticed that I have once again spelt it wrong... so I do appologise for the comments you may have recieved from 'lets pur our hearts together' im not sure what is wrong with me, I just spell everything wrong haha


Just a Snippet

I did take a few photos of this outfit in my garden, but the sun was bright, the background wasn't great, so it was just not happening I'm afraid.
I wore this burgundy blouse yesterday with my spike necklace, both from Topshop and of course its not warm enough yet so I threw on my lovely faux fur coat. I wore this black and white skirt and some converse I've had forever:

I've not been up to too much recently as I have three deadlines this month, I've just handed one in this morning.
I have been reading Vogue which came on Monday, it has a lovely Spring/Summer 'The Collections' extra mag with it, for those of you that don't have it its worth picking up :

I was happy to come across the trend below as I am not loving pastels at all (for myself lovelies, I'm sure there will be lots of you that can pull of pastels and look amazing... I just don't do baby pink, baby blue or any form of canary yellow)

Have a lovely day beauties


Nottingham Street Style - January (1)

As I have mentioned I have been scouting around Nottingham to find some lovely outfits to share with you guys. So here are a few of my favourites:

I spotted this lovely lady on my way out of Cafe Nero.
I love her coat and the bowler hat is perfect!

These two girls looked amazing. 
I love the shirt,tie and leather jacket combination

Loving the causal look here, with the infamous American Flag shorts and of course a pair of Dr Martens. She also has a gorgeous rucksack which sadly I didn't photograph.

Here are some more photos of Nottingham style:

All of the students are back in Nottingham now, so I'm going to continue this month and bring you some more photos at the end of the month.


p.s) let me know if this is something you would like me to continue featuring on my blog


Same Shorts Different Day

Hat - Primark, Jacket - Miss Selfridge, Shorts - Here, Boots - ASOS.

Necklace - Topshop (present from Santa)

So I wasn't sure exactly how to follow up my last post, seeing as you all seemed to like my last outfit!  But I'm just wearing a very similar outfit as I stayed a my boyfriends and just took a different top to change into.

I just want to say a massive thankyou for all the lovely comments and my new followers, you have all made my weekend!! I do really appreciate it!

Back to the outfit, I also wore a vintage vanity case as my bag:

Vanity Case - Vintage (Gift from my sister)
I have quite a few vanity cases but I guess you guys wouldn't have seen one for a while as they are not very pactical for carying around my uni books.

Again a big thankyou to the lovely comments on my previous post!



Pink and Lilly

Jumper - Paris Flea Market, Jacket - Miss Selfridge, Shorts - Lee

Necklace - Topshop
Bag - Pink and Lilly

Hello you beauties.
How has your weekend been so far? Today I had a little wander around town with my boyfriend and got a few more photos for next weeks Nottingham Street Style feature.
I also wanted to show you my new bag which I got from a little boutique in Nottingham - Pink and Lilly
Its an adorable shop:

Sadly like many small buisness' this shop is closing down!
But they are having a closing down sale so if you are from Nottingham pop to Hockley and have a little look, or check out the website here.