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Outfit post - Litas

fashion style blog
Jacket - Miss Selfridge, Riding Pants - AA, Boots - Jeffrey Campbell

fashion style blog
New Gloves - Primark (currently on sale for about £2)

I'm in love with these faux fur trim gloves from Primark at the moment. It has been getting pretty chilly so I pulled out my old ear muffs from last year, love them as they keep my hair in place as well as keeping me toasty! My mini collection of riding pants have been making an appearance all week as they keep me very warm, I've caught a little cold, with an extremely sore throat so warmth is coming before style at the minute!

jeffrey campbell tapestry
Just another photo of my Litas as I can't get enough of these beauties

I've finally got alot of my work completed for university so I am much less stressed out and busy as I have been over the past two weeks. I have one more presentation to give and then I finish uni on the 9th December! Excited to start Christmas shopping!!

Also my lovelies I was thinking of doing a new feature on my blog of "Nottingham Street Style" which will include photos I snap of other peoples style that I particularly like or I feel may be inspiration for you lovelies.
Would you be interested in this type of post on Lets Put Our Hearts Together?


p.s) I'm giving away this Clutch bag here


My Christmas Season Wishlist

Christmas Jumpers
Snowman, Reindeer

So its that time of year, cheesy Christmas jumpers are needed. I want one that sceams Molly Weasley made this for me... or my gran. These two are from Topshop and are not quite as ugly as I would like mine. I will be scouting the secondhand shops for a bright red/green sparkly Christmas tree number.

Spike Jewellery

hand chain, earrings
As most bloggers are at the moment, I am very attracted to the spike jewellery at the moment. I have wanted some for a couple of months now but they are all over the high street, definitely on my letter to Santa this year!

Party Dresses

Of course winter arrives  and its party season. Velvet, glitter, sequins and all things sparkle.. my favourite time of year! I'm still on the hunt for the perfect christmas dress! I am in love with the Miss Selfridge Metallic Bandeau but I am hoping to recreate this one myself!

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So for those of you that would like to continue following me or to you newbies I would appreciate you following me on Bloglovin' instead.


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Outfit Post and New Purchases

Hello Beauties!
This is what I've been wearing today, the skirt I actually got off Ebay brand new with tags for 99p!! The necklace is a new purchase that I absolutely love and you can get yourselves one here. My apologies for the oddly dark photos, I'm not entirely sure what has happened .

Also my lovelies I have attempted my first ever video for my blog. Sorry if I'm too awkward in front of the camera but I did think it would be nice to hear what I sound like etc. rather than just my photos.
So here is a little video of the items I've purchased recently.

Boohoo Aztec Tee

Also not entirely sure why it looks like I have a milk moustache and I'm clearly impressed with everything  haha



Outfit Post - Black Faux Fur

Coat - Wild
Tee- Primark (mens)
Riding Pants - Ebay

Good Evening Beauties
This is actually what I wore yesterday, the vintage faux fur coat is actually my coat from last winter but I thought it has quite a few years left in it! The T-shirt is yet again a Primark Mans XS, you should scout out the mens bit next time your in, some of the stuff is awful but you do find the odd thing. And yes I have purchased another pair of riding pants, you can find some here or just search 'jodhpurs' on ebay.

Also leopard print lovers you have to check out Peacocks for these leopard print Chelsea boots I just got today for £15!!



Outfit Post - Floral Shorts

Shirt - Topshop
Shorts - Magenta
Cardigan - Primark
Ring and Wedges - Ebay

Hello you beauties!
So sorry for the lack of posts, there's just been a very big build up of work at university at the moment! So after next week there will be a giveaway to celebrate the 200 followers!
The weather was pretty mild this weekend so I chose the wooly cardigan rather than a coat, I practically live in this cardigan at the moment and you may be able to tell from the number of outfit posts it has crept into.





My wonderful followers! I have reached 200 followers, I really appreciate you all reading my blog, and you've given me some lovely feedback on my DIY Turband Tutorial :) I will be celebrating with you guys by doing a giveaway.

Very sorry but I have 3 deadlines, 18th, 21st and 22nd!! So as you can see I'm very busy at the moment but I will be celebrating on the 22nd with my deadlines over (for now) and my amazing followers! Bring on the alcoholic tea party and glitter lipstick.

Also if you haven't already check out Company Magazines Week In Style... I'm sure lots of you will be interested!



DIY Turband

<DIY Turband/>

So my regular followers will know I own a tonn of turbands:

I had a request for a DIY one so here's my attempt at explaining!

Click Below to see the Tutorial:


Outfit Post and a Vintage Fair.

Hello Lovelies :)

Today I met my sister in the Nottingham City Centre to have a little look around a Vintage fair held at a Hotel. It was pretty good, as it was pretty fairly priced. But like most vintage items there were some overpriced items, along with some clearly not "vintage" items I did spot a H&M checked shirt with the label cut out. Other than that it was lovely! I would love to take part in a Vintage Fair and have my own little table/rail! I saw alot of things that I would like to DIY so I will let you know how it goes!

Today I wore:
Pleather Pants- H&M
Faux Fur - New Look
Cardigan - Primark
T-Shirt -  Labyrinth
Wedges and Heel - Ebay

Below are images of the two purchases  I made at the Vintage fair, a turquoise blouse £8 and the Cardigan £12

Also I'm not sure whats up with my face on the photo opposite! (I'm not feeling too well at the moment, I want to sleep all the time)


p.s) I will be giving away this clutch bag very soon as I purchased two just for you lovelies!

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Vogue China - November Issue

Hello you lovelies,
I just wanted to share some photos of the lovely model Sui He photographed by Hans Feurer. These shots are a rough, tribal style by Anne Christensen.


Look At My Eyes

So I'm a big fan of jewellery with eyeballs or the evil eye on it, there is a small collection of this in Topshop at the moment, but of course the ebay fanatic that I am.... I searched ebay for ages and found this amazing little thing! You can get one here, it only took 2 weeks to get here which is pretty good to say it came from China :)

I spent some time in Cafe Nero today, organising some blog posts for you lovelies as I have been slacking majorly at the moment. And for those of you that have asked for DIY tutorials, I have some planned!



Outfit Post - Floral Dress

Hello Beauties
It's getting properly wintry now! Cold weather and Christmas things every where, my favourite time if year!! I cant wait to go Christmas shopping!

This is what I wore yesterday, the dress is actually from a charity shop, I think it was one of those things that gets donated, as there were lots of hand made, floral peter pan collar dresses in. It was actually pretty long so I had to take it up, it was at the awkward point of lying just at my knees. And my lovely H&M blazer/jacket.

I'm pretty bogged down with uni work at the moment as I have 3 deadlines this month, two of them being presentations, which I'm dreading! I'm not very loud, and the idea of presenting my work to the rest of the room is not a happy thought.

Anyway enough waffling, just thought I would share a dress I've not wore yet :)



Metallic Must-haves

So we are all purchasing items for our winter wardrobe at the moment and I think a prominent trend is the metallic colour whether is make-up, shoes or a jumper. Even if this isn't normally for you, these items are perfect for the Christmas party season! I thought it would be great to have a little look at what was available in the high street stores:

New Look

1.    2.    3.    4.    5.    6.    7.

River Island

1.    2.    3.    4.     5.   6. 


1.    2.    3.    4.    5.    6.


1.    2.    3.    4.    5.    6.    7.    8.

1.    2.    3.    4.    5.    6.    7.    8.  

I'm not a huge fan of this trend really, I have a gold tee from new look but I think any future metallic/foil investments will be make-up or accessories :)


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Hello New Riding Pants!

Good evening :)

This is what I was wearing today,  I was hoping to get some more interesting photos but sadly it started to rain this morning and of course by the time I got home it was almost pitch black. Winter is clearly here now, so excited for winter clothing!

You all know about my love for American Apparel Riding Pants but after my purchase of the black ones I dont think I could bring myself to buy another pair. (maybe after christmas) but basically I got these actual riding pants from Ebay for £15! They are so comfy. I pretty much live on ebay at the moment, these are the new rings I have from ebay also.

Today one of the other designers at cheeky stitches, gave me a little lesson on my sewing machine!! Very thankful, you should check out some of her amazing items here.


Cape - TKMaxx
Faux Fur - H&M
Riding Pants - here
- Ebay


Outfit post - University Casuals

Jumper - Charity Shop
Shorts - H&M
Jacket - H&M (current stock)
Ring - ebay

Hello You Beauties :)

I know I haven't posted very much recently, but to be quite honest I have been very busy and haven't been dressing too greatly... and when I did I've not had time to snap a photo! So I've been able to take a quick photo of what I wore yesteday.
The jacket is also the newest edition to my wardrobe, I love the contrasting pleather sleeves/pockets. There are quite alot of similar items but this particular jacket was only £35 in H&M!