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They Are Back

Aren't they beautiful!? I know some of you aren't fans of Jeffrey Campbells but these are my babies. And sadly about a month ago I decided that a cobbled street would be okay to walk wasn't. I tripped and ripped the sole away from the shoe at the front! A very sad day for me (to be fair it was less than half a cm rip...but a rip is still a rip). I left them a little while and then eventually took them somewhere I trusted to be fixed.
Yesterday they arrived back from the shoe doctor, and they are in tip top condition.

They are that beautiful that I thought they deserved their own post.

I'm sat in a tea shop in Nottingham (Lee Rosys) wearing them now and I am very happy!

That is all.



Hello Sun

 All of my English lovelies will know about the fabulous sun we have at the moment! Sadly I havent been out in it all that much as everybody is back at Uni except for me!! But I made sure I went for a little walk :)
Yes I'm always wearing a headband, I dont think I'm used to not having a fringe just yet.

My New Clutch

Turband - New Look
T-Shirt - Levis
Shorts - H&M
Cardigan and Bag - Primark

I got this clutch bag from Primark in the sale, it had a bow and tassle which I removed as I thought it was a little tacky looking, I also got my boots that I posted about! They are so pretty!! Although my overdraft is slowly getting eaten...I'm so awful with money!



A little DIY

Good evening!
After sorting out my wardrobe and getting rid of 30-40 items as it was full of things that I thought 'maybe I will wear that next summer' I decided to take a few pieces and change them with a simple bit of DIY. The others went to charity or up on ebay. So here are a few things that I did today :

I took a simply £5 Primark dress

Albus clearly didn't want me to cut this up, but the first thing I did was cut below the elastic.

So I was left with the bralet style top and a piece of fabric which was turned inside out

Next I placed the elastic along the (top)edge to get an idea of how much to fold over

After folding over Pin in place, leaving enough space for the elastic. Sew the fold along the edge that I'm holding here, leaving a gap of about an inch for you to thread your elastic through, sew together the ends of elastic once threaded, stitch up the gap and voila you have a skirt.

And there you go  (ignore my garden + Socks)
I like this as its very easy and means I can have even more bralets for cheap. Its great if you like the print on something but feel its too much of a whole dress.

The next thing I  did was change some shirts by simply cutting off the sleeves

I think  I was inspired by Goks DIY on his fashion fix, I cant wait to try out the glitter heels... did and of you see it?




new followers, you have not gone unnoticed!! I really appreciate you following me!! :)
I'm currently watching the New Goks Fashion Fix, I need to try out his DIY Glitter heel shoe, cant wait to do it. 

This the simple little outfit that I wore today :

little action shot - taking of the jacket haa

American Apparel Boobtube rolled down into a skirt

Claw earrings - Matalan
I felt slightly uncomfortable in this outfit today for some reason, I'm not entirely sure why. I just felt like it just wasn't really me. I think because it was hot I felt odd when I took off the jacket because that what was tying in the black boots. Ah well.

I made a trip to Primark today and fell in love with some boots, I'm now wishing I had purchased some now!! Although that would not have been a great idea to say I'm now in my overdraft!! But anyway you might have seen them already :

Excuse my boyfriends thumb poking in the photo
What do you guys think, after seeing my style... I'm wondering if you can help me decide whether to purchase these for a mere £18?

Join me on Twitter or Facebook if you fancy :) 



Bethel Bohemian

Good Evening Lovelies.
I just wanted to show you this lovely new website I've come across, I found it through their Twitter. There are some amazing Headbands, fascinators etc and there is such a wide variety of items and with it coming up to the colder months these pieces would deffinitely brighten up your outfit! :)

Simply click the images below to find the website or the item shown.

I love this clip, perfect for the heritage trend we see so often :)
And if you lovelies like what you see there is a giveaway on 'The Rasberry Branch' blog.

Click here to enter

Hope you like them!



Online Purchases

Hello you beautiful Girlies (and boys if I have any male readers)
How has your weekend been? I know alot of you are starting uni or going back so good luck!!! 
I thought I would do a little post to show you some of the items I have purchased online (yes I'm dipping into my overdraft! ooops), I managed to find a cheap snakeskin top on ebay! 

Snakeskin T-Shirt

Have you purchased anything recently?
I start back at University a week tomorrow so I'm going to take a look through my wardrobe this week and get rid of all the rubbish I dont wear to have a fresh start. And of course make more room for my winter wardrobe!


p.s) I now have twitter and facebook


Leopard and Floral

Hello you Beauties! :)
Today I went to the Cinema with Zee to watch Crazy, Stupid Love, it was very good. A nice mix of comedy and romance without being too cheesy as alot of films can be. It was slightly different to what I had expected after seeing the trailer but it's a good idea to check it out if you were thinking about it.

Coat - New Look
Dress - Topshop
Skirt - New Look
Belt - Primark
Wedges - Ebay

My adopted cat, I've named him Albus (In loving memory of Albus Dumbledore of course)

What are your plans for the weekend my lovelies?
I'm going to a Monkey Reserve (another birthday present from Zee)... so excited!



New Cardigan

Hello lovelies, I just thought that I would share my new purchase with you very quickly. Today I had a little trip to the Nottingham Vintage Warehouse and came across this cardigan for £10. I fell in love and luckily it fitted perfectly :)

A close up so you can see the slightly ugly yet surprisingly beautiful wool.

Snakeskin Print

1)   2)   3)   4)   5)   6)   7)

With Snakeskin being in Vogue and many other magazines as this seasons print I thought I would look through the high-street stores for some affordable pieces. I was surprised to find that there wasn't all that much available, these are some of the best (in my opinion) items available and then these aren't particularly beautiful. I wonder whether I'm too late in searching for snakeskin, whether it is yet to arrive or we are just stuck with such a small selection. Personally I would quite like a chiffon snakeskin print skirt or a pair of shorts. Also if any of you are interested in seeing some more I'd check out River Island as I did spot a few things in the sale and I'm quite sure they have always done a variety of snakeskin bags.
 I may search for some sheer snakeskin fabric and make my own skirt :)



Lazy Day

Primark Scarf tied into a headband. And I'm wearing Falsies Lash effect Mascara :)
Vintage jumper - Wild, Jean - Ebay, Belt - Primark, Boots - Asos
 I am not too sure about these jeans. I have only ever wore them in the house, I'm yet to brave them outside.

Today I'm having my two best friends around to my house to watch a film, so I'm dressed for a lazy day. Although I'm braving this horrible English Rain to nip to the shop to buy some lunch time munchies before they get here. I'm not sure whether my friends have watched Easy A so I may introduce them to it today.

Hope you all have a lovely day! :)



Welcome New Blogger

Hello you Lovelies 
I just thought I would share a relatively new blogger that I've come across recently. I found her through Asos Fashion Finder and from her outfits expected her to have a tonne of followers only to find she has just 10. She has a great sense of style and I'm sure lots of you will like her blog. 

So here are a few of her photos:

It's always nice to support a new blog, so if you like her style or have a spare minute to check it out you can here:



Winter Woolies

Hello Beauts :)

So right now I have no money to shop, which seems to have confused my poor brain as I am still constantly looking online at clothes. I'm confused about all the things I want because I cant have them! Bring on my student loan haha  Anyway here are a few items I am lusting after jumpers,boots and winter woolies, but I have no idea what I want really at the moment.  Hopefully when I have the money I can come back to this post and see if I actually like any of it still!


     1)    2)    3)    4)    5)    6)


1)      2)     3)    4)     5)     6)

(although I'm not sure all these heels are practical for the snow we are meant to get)


1)    2)    3)    4)    5)    6)    7)

I'm actually pretty excited for winter clothing this year! I've spotted quite alot that I like in H&M at the moment so I'm hoping to do a big shop in about 2 weeks when my loan is through :)



The Last Day of Edinburgh

These are some vintage shorts what I have studded recently

Our amazing 'the suns too bright' faces.

it was pretty difficult to climb up here!

I also wanted to share a little shop with you as there is a website that you can visit if you fancy:

With lots of quirky items
You can visit the website



p.s this will be the last post on Edinburgh, I just thought I would share a few photos with you :)


I'm back from Edinburgh

Hello you beauties!!

I'm back now, thankyou all for the comments on my last few posts, I have read each of them and I shall be getting back to you all as soon as possible :)
I hope you have all had a lovely week so far, I know alot of people will be moving from home for uni etc. so I hope it's all going well!

I thought my next two posts will be some photos from Edinburgh, then I will get back on track. Here are some photos from Wednesday:

We spent quite a while at the Castle

Miss selfridge jacket and accessorize ring

Me and Zee

starting to get much higher up!

Bag = Paris