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One Night Out

 Hello lovelies :)
How're you all? I'm so muddled up with my posts at the moment, sorry! These photos are actually from Tuesday 23rd (yes I'm that behind!) I went out with a few of my girlies :

 Me and my sister had some classy-ish drinks before we left.
Bulmers in a teacup ha


The Lookbook photo of what I wore :

My barry M glitter lipstick!! <3

Right so after this jumbled up post, I'm off to pack for Paris!!!
So excited :)



My Month In Nails

I'm not really one to post about beauty (apart from my 'welcome to my make up bag' post) but I've recently started being a little more experimental with my nails (mostly from boredom of unemployment during the summer holidays haha)

Barry M - Dusky Mauve,  Berry Ice Cream

Rimmel London - Silver,  Opal- Black

The colours here where pinched from my mums collection of Opal nail varnish so I'm not sure what the colour are.

What do you think.?
And do any of you have photos of your nail art... link your blogs below and I will take a look :)



Moving Out

This weekend I have been pretty busy helping Zee move out of his house, so we had to clean up as well so he can get his deposit back. (it was so gross, a house with 3 boys much rubbish!)

This is just a quick post to show you the two oufits I wore this weekend, I'm actually quite behind on the posts I have been planning but hopefully I will get them done before I go to Paris on Thursday (So excited!!)

Jacket - Miss Selfridge, Jeans - Topshop, Bag - H&M

Aztec top - AA, Skirt - Miss Selfridge

I will be back later this week with some more interesting posts my lovelies :)




Hello You Beauties,
Today I had a meeting for some volunteer work, and it went very well. I am now just waiting for my CRB check to go through and for my two references to be checked. I will be working with Children and Teenagers withe Mental Health problems, it’s a great opportunity as I study Psychology at University and hope to work in this area.
Back to clothes, this is what I wore, though looking at the photos the skirt seems a little short for an interview...but too late now!Maybe I should invest in some black trousers for formal occasions - and Vogue suggested them this month. I have my extensions in, I attempted a bun but when I pulled my hair back you could see the clips, so I need to master a way to disguise the clips with my own hair.

Blazer – H&M
Blouse – Ebay
Skirt and Bag– New Look


Eat Healthy

Not quite a fashion topic but I thought I would share this with you after I found it on the lovely :

Its just healthy eating but by post! 
The have such a wide selection to choose from and you get to rate which ones you would like to try or if you've had one, let them know whether you love it or want to 'bin' it.
I've already had my first box delivered, it was yummy.
And it helps me stop nibbling on Chocolate!

And the first box is free if you use my code here:


 You also get your secon box half price!

  so order away! and you can always cancel your account if you dont want any more :)



My Wishlist

Chelsea Boot Blazer  .  Jumper  .  Clutch  .  Wedge  .  Bag

A few of these pieces are from ebay as Ive been looking for some cheaper clothes with me not working at the moment. The chelsea boots I plan on purchasing after my birthday (in September) for my winter boot and the green bag I plan on having as my new university bag. The others I can only lust after!

What are you all wanting at the moment?



This Weekend

I have spent this weekend with Zee again as he came back from Essex, we didn't really do too much just had a lazy time. Saturday we went to see The Inbetweeners movie, it was alright but not as good as I was expecting it to be but I guess they were running out of storylines after the original hillarious season in 2008. 
In the evening we went to his parents for tea, authentic, homecooked chinese food... YUM. And then we went out at the night time.

Today we went to a little tea shop just around the corner from his house:

and seeing as its Sunday evening I'm chilling, reading my Vogue.

How have your weekends been?



New Hair and a Bow Tie

Hello beauts,just a quick outfit post and hair post! I have now put in my clip in extensions! I love them, i have them mostly because my hair is taking ages to grow but also so that I can do my hair up in a bun or simply tie it back with some extra lenght, and the clips allow me to take it out whenever :)
I would also like to thankyou everybody who has commented my posts recently! I have read each and every one of them but I just need a spare half an hour to reply and check out my new followers blogs

Blouse - Vintage Warehouse

Bag - Present

Bow tie - Ebay
New hair!!


Giveaway - Winner

This morning the winner of the giveaway was picked by my lovely little sister

Congratulations to Emma from

(I have another giveaway planned for you beauts, you will be getting a pick from my collection of shorts, so keep a look out!)



Jeffrey Campbell A/W




Lita-Fab and Wright

Autry, Arizona and Rumble

Pauline and Rock-Star

Warrant and Kelsey

Cuffed and Warning

Roswell and Lita
I love love love Jeffrey Campbell, I know everybody thinks of Litas immediatley but there are so many more pairs of amazing shoes.
So I thought I would share the A/W Lookbook with you if you haven't already saw these amazing shoes!
I'm in love with the Tartan Litas, Cuffed and Warning shoes!
However I'm a strict vegetarian and I don't wear any real leather or Suede so I have to pick my shoes carefully! But luckily JC do have some fabric shoes!

Are you a fan of Jeffrey Campbell?



From day to Night


Top -Topshop , Jacket- H&M, Pants - AA

Bag - H&M, Turband and Wedges - Asos

Night time

Bralet - Topshop, Clutch - Made it myself

I seem to automatically gorm when the camera is out.

Hey lovelies!
This is what I wore on Saturday day/night time, we had a busy day so I needed to have a quick transformation to a night outfit for a birthday I went out for.
The day outfit was very comfortable! Apart from the new shoes, but thats only because I've never wore them before. I love the riding pants so much they are amazing!! It was pretty easy to switch over the outfit, just swapped the top for a bralet then matched the shoes and bag.
I'm sorry for the boring back garden photos, I'm having to self timer alot of my photos with Zee being away.

Who takes your photos for you or does anybody else do self timer shots?
I also had an accident with my camera and dropped it on my tiled kitchen floor, and its not been quite the same since =[ hopefully that will mean it will be time for a new one within the next few months!

I'm off now for a trip to investigate some hair extensions! I've never used any before so wish me luck



My Weekend

has been pretty busy with Zee (my boyfriend), and he is moving out of his house over the next couple of weeks, so today I'm off to his house whilst he's in Essex to get started on some packing. I will be back to blogging over the next couple of days, I have a few photos of my outfits. I just havent had time to upload any just yet.

The view from Zee's window, I will miss the little abandoned house!

Also it would be lovely of you to like my facebook page for the shorts I'm working on, or if you were to just tell your friends if you think they would like my items! I am also purchasing a glue gun to do some jewellery! Simply Search "the orchid clothing" on Facebook or visit:



Highstreet Shorts

Its still summer (although it may not look like it in England!), I wanted to do a little post on some shorts that are available on the highstreet, as I'm quite a fan of shorts if you hadn't guessed already. It may not be the weather for bare legs in England at the moment but we have holidays... and tights! So here are a few of my favourites :


Urban Outfitters

Miss Selfridge

River Island

I love the Topshop Embelished shorts but not for that price!! I was thinking of doing a DIY pair of my own. I've been wanting to do some for a while now, a pair of embelished and also a pair covered in studs, safety pins etc!
I'll let you know how it goes :)


p.s) Dont forget my giveaway if you want to enter to win some jewellery!!


New Purchase

Hello Lovelies :)
I've been buying yet again! I've just got this lovely cape from TKMaxx for £9! And the necklace for £2 :) Have any of you lovelies got anything recently?

This cutie is still visiting my house, still working on my mum to adopt it! So far ive managed to get her to accept cat food!

This is actually an outfit I wore yesterday but didnt have time to blog:

Dress- Topshop, Cardigan- Primark

Messing around on Photoshop.

I have been very busy over the past week or so and havent had chance to keep my blog up to date, so I will be back on track very soon!