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Currently In Essex

Hello my lovelies! 

I'm having a great time staying in Essex and visiting London! Just wanted to do a quick post while I have a minute. I'm sure many of you will have spotted these lovely riding pants in AA, I've been looking at them for a while umming and aahing over the price versus their amazing(ness). I went in and tried them on today, big mistake, I'm completely in love. So I'm hoping to purchase a pair very soon. (£64 though!!)

I have also cleared out my wardrobe and popped up a few items on my Ebay account if any of you would be interested I have a brand new pair od suede shorts. Feel free to take a look :

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend!



Vintage trousers

I am across some pink flared trousers in the Nottingham Vintage Warehouse, they werent the prettiest of things but I loved the colour. I bought them anyway so that I could turn them into shorts:
Mark the trousers at the prefered length

Mark the trousers a few inches below the preferred length

cut along the second of the two markings

Fold up,iron and sew in position.
The Finished Shorts

A pretty simple thing to do but I thought I would start simple with my first step by step.

I'm pretty busy at the moment! I had to rush around picking up a few last things for my trip to Essex, go for a meeting about setting up some volunteer work through my university to get back in time to look after my little sister at 5. So tired!

But heres my beautiful little sister:

Shes very impressed with her first missing tooth!

Back from Durham

 Hello Lovelies!

I've not been online for a few day because I was in Durham with one of my best friends who goes to the University there :) I had a lovely time, its such an adorable place!!

This is a vintage store in Durham, it's lovely and so packed inside! There were some adroable items but I thought it was quite over priced, a Levis denim jacket was £45!

We also Visited Newcastle and came across this adorable Vegetarian Pub.

I'm off to Essex tomorrow to visit my boyfriend Zee until Wednesday, but I will have access to the internet there :)



New Cardigan

Hello everybody!
First of all I would like to say sorry for the lack of posts recently!I've been very busy with my sister graduation and my gran visiting. I may actually do a post on the Graduation and you can see some of my family, slightly off topic but there are some lovely photos of my sister :)
I wanted to post these photos as I've wanted this cardigan for a while from Primark, I went in the other day and it was reduced from £14 to £5 so I purchased it in both colours (the other being a mustard colour). So if you like it I would suggest checking  Primark out soon as there were not many sizes left in the Nottingham store. I'm looking pretty tired/mardy in these photos, maybe I should smile some more.

And finally I wanted to ask my lovley followers a question about what you would like to see me posting on my blog? I have been slacking a little bit recently. I enjoy the style find posts (collages of products and the links I sometimes make) e.g) Colour blocking, outfit posts and wish lists but I imagine that can get a little boring to read, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!


A sneak preview

of some of the goodies I have been collecting for a giveaway celebration when I reach 100 followers:

I will be back soon my lovelies :)



Boyish Charm

Hello my lovelies!
I'm a little busy with my gran visiting and my sister graduation, but I just wanted to let you know that  have entered a competition on Asos Fashion Finder. So if any of you have an account it would be lovely of you to vote for me by giving me a heart:

Not something I would usually wear, but I love the boy meets girl fashion trend for Autumn/Winter.

Also as I'm nearing 100 followers (Thankyou all!!) I will be doing a giveaway very soon... with some ethnic jewellery and possibly some other goodys!



Primark Autumn/Winter

 I know it is still summer but I do like to get items in advance, so I have been looking at some products on the highstreet for the upcoming seasons. I was pleasantly surprised by Primarks products. Here are a few of my favourite pieces:


Cute jacket and I love the boots!

Not the prettiest but I'm strangly attracted to the knitted skirt

I might not be posting much on here for the next week, as my Gran is visiting from Scotland for my sisters Graduation, but I'm sure I will be back with you soon to show you some photos of my week.




Diy Fringed Shorts

Here are a few photos of the new vintage levis I've been working on (W25).
I've paired it with a pair of sequin shoes, and a blouse I got from the New Look teen range!

The cat here is one that I appear to have adopted, I dont know if he is a stray or not but he comes back to my garden every morning and night. He's so cute!!



The best present.

I realised today that I havent ever shared with you the lovely present that my boyfriend got me for our 3 year anniversary. A D&G blouse shown in the photos above! :)

Thought it would be nice for you to get a glimpse of my bedroom. My sister collects teacups (for her future tea shop) so the rooms full of them! haha
(ignore my patchy walls!)

I've not been up to much recently, its summertime (well not exactly summer in England) so I should be having fun but my boyfriend is in Essex and one of my 3 best friends is in York. This boredom has lead to me trying to sew some more things and taking photos.

I have also opened an account with Asos Fashion Finder:

Its atually a nice website to use, I actually prefer it to Lookbook at the moment! So try it out and add me as a friend :)



Topshop Autumn/Winter

These photos were posted on the Topshop blog over a week ago, so these products are now available.

I do love the Boyish Charm and the Chelsea Boots.
What are your favourites?



Crochet and Lace

On one of my previous posts I mentioned I was looking for a Kimono, the next day I came across this Wooly/crochet cardigan/cape. Not quite what I was looking for but it seemed like a good investment as its suitable for the cooler weather too :)



Welcome to my make-up bag.

I just thought I would share some of the make-up that I use (mostly because a package from Barry M arrived today)
My slightly battered make-up bag.

 One of the items to arrive today was the new wink marker pen for eyes by Barry M!! It's great, it goes on so smoothly and dries very quickly.

I dont tend to spend that much on make up really, I'd much prefer the extra cash for a new dress haha.
I use Rimmel London mascara.
The green tube being the Volume flash mascara which is my favourite, but sadly its nearly ran out. I then picked up a slightly cheaper one the Super lash which does the job nicely.

For my face I don't actually wear foundation unless I'm going out in the evening or on the odd occasion in the day time it does come out :)

So here is the Max Factor Translucent powder that I use

I'm not a huge make-up person, and I'm not really too fussed about different colours etc. but Barry M lipsticks and Nail varnish is something I love.

Today, as well as the wink marker, two lipsticks and a nail varnish arrived.

Not the best angle but you can see the gorgeous colour of this lipstick and the mascara I used :)


What are your favourite pieces to use and what could you 'not live without'?