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Hello Everbody! :)
Just wanted to say a quick thankyou to my new followers!! Makes me very happy when I wake up and turn my laptop on to find new followers.

About my previous post, I've not quite found the headpiece I was looking for but I did come accross  this headband on Asos:

Cant wait to wear it!

Also the lovely Fashion Blogger Emma White is having a give away. (Forgive me for my lateness but I only just spotted the giveaway!) But if you're reading this you have tonight and tomorrow to enter, to win this lovely necklace:

So follow the link to her post and get entering!


Also 3 exams down and 3 to go! Cant wait to finish, I wanted to get started on making some clothes. so far I've only ever made the maxi skirt I've posted before :


But I've done a few sketches (badly drawn I'm afraid) of some things I would like to wear.
Once the are comlete I will post some photos and it would be nice to see what you all think. Because if they go well I may open a small online shop for you to share my ideas.


Wish List

Today I recieved an e-mail from Miss Selfridge and found this! :

Not only is the dress gorgeous, but I'd really like the head piece.

So i searched the website and found nothing. I emailed them explaining what I'd found and asked whether it was something coming into stock in the future or whether it was just for the shoot.  And they replied withe no reference to the head piece! =[

"Dear Miss Arnold,
Thank you for your email received 27 May 2011

Unfortunately, we do not have the facility to locate stock in store.

Try your local store and if they do not have it in stock either, they will see if they can order the item you want from our warehouse. Click here for the telephone number of your local Miss Selfridge store.

Miss Selfridge Customer Service"

So I will be searching some other shop for an item like this. Let me know if you spot anything similar, I will love you forever!!

I better get off here now though, I have an exam in 2 hours!! -_-




Today I found this amazing Sewing machine... a vintage Frister and Rossmann!
Its adorable, I had to have it!

 Its a model E, not sure of the serial number, The image I believe is a picture of Cleopatra smelling a Lotus.

So excited to use it, hopeful I will be able to figure it out.
If it's too annoying with the manual pedal then I may go ahead and buy a singer and keep this beauty for display :)

Also just wanted to share a few photos of the most adorable cat ever, it's my next door neighbors but it practically lives in my back garden.

Any way i'm nearly half way through my exams now! I will be back with some more regular posts very soon. In the mean time I've posted a few more of my looks of Lookbook if your interested :)



7.5.11 Tell me that you love me more.

Today I'm dressed simply again for another revision session.

I'm not sure how much i will be on here while I'm revising, but I will probably post up a look every now on lookbook if you have a look there.
My Look book is linked here.




Revision Revision Revision

Today I'm wearing something very basic because I'm revising at home. (Well I should be after this post)

I've tried to have my hair back and give it a little more volume today.
And this nail varnish (Barry M) is my absolute favourite!!

I've sure you may be able to tell by now that I have a slight obsession with structured handbags / Vanity cases

Shorts and Jumper - H&M
Vanity Case - Miss Selfridge

Also today I nipped into the little high street near where my boyfriend lives and got myself a few little bargains:

I Got all of these for £10!! Bargain.
Sorry for the short/ unorganised post but I really better get on with some revision. My first exam is in 12 days!! Scary.



DIY Skirt

This Skirt only took me a few hours (probably less if you have a sewing machine)! It's pretty easy to make and I'm quite sure you can make it in other materials rather than the sheer fabric I have used.

I followed this tutorial:

A pair and a Spare

I love these shoes so much and they are surprisingly comfy!

You Need:
1) 2 metres of fabric
2)Elastic (2/3 cm thick)
3) An iron
4)A needle and thread

To do:

Lay Out the fabric, along the 2m length edge fold the fabric over by about 3 cm

Iron this fold to keep it in place and to keep it level

You now need to fold along the bottom on this fold, to create a tube for the elastic to go through.
 The elastic can now be threaded through the tube of fabric to create the gathered waist band, sew together the two elastic ends.

Then simply sew the fabric together and hem.

Underneath on these photos I have a H&M basic skirt but I do plan on attatching a black skirt myself :)

Follow the A Pair and a Spare tutorial here, and feel free to ask any questions.