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Back from London!

Hey Everybody! :)

I Had an amazing time in London this week! City and Colour were amazing, but sadly The Girl was not played! 

We visited Soho, China Town and went shopping along Oxford Street and Regent Street the following day.
I Got two bargains from Urban Outfitters as well:
Love this Vanity Case - £20

Another lovely bag - £22

 Back to Today though I'm wearing :


Vest - H&M
Shorts - Topshop
Tights - Primark
Jacket- Miss Selfridge
Bag - Vintage Store (Edingburgh)


Back to Black

Today is my boyfriends birthday! He's 20 today, Happy Birthday Zee!!
We went with some of our friends to a club lastnight to celebrate: 

His very excited face when it turned midnight! <3

Today as you have probably guessed I'm sleep deprived and slightly hungover so please ignore any bags under my eyes.

Love these boots so so much but they are so uncomfortable!!

I'm off to London tomorrow and I'm so excited to see City and Colour as well as shopping!! :) I shall let you know how my trip was on Wednesday when Im back



Tutu and Lace

 This is an outfit I wore for a night out lastnight when some of my friends were back from University.

 I popped on an underskirt to give the skirt a little more volume

I'm afraid I may not post much on here for the next week or so as I have a busy few days coming up and then I'm off to London to see City and Colour on Monday!! Excited


Blazer - H&M
Lace Basque - Primark (surprisingly nice and only £5)
Skirt - H&M
Boots - Dorothy Perkins


Hello Sunshine

Today I'm dressed for a sunny day, I'm going shopping with a friend to get some more things for our sweety fancy dress night out this Thursday. I also have to get some revision in today as well, I get way to stressed out about my exams!!

Also I saw this advert the other day (I'm quite sure its slightly old but it keeps coming on tv).

Advert Here :)

I love all the colours!

Back to todays outfit :

 I just addes a few studs to the collar of the denim shirt, I'm not too sure whether i should buy some more and add them to the rest of the collar or leave it as it is just at the front. Any thoughts?

Love love love these shorts from H&M!!

 This necklace is broken if you hadnt noticed already, it did have a mirror in it before, it fell out a little while ago and I actually refer it like this now :)

Just a quick snap shot of my face cause I dyed my hair lastnight... It doesnt look that different to be honest but naturally I'm a little ginger/strawberry blonde! It always gives a nice chesnut colour to my hair when I dye it brown :)

This outfit was influenced by Frankie from The Saturdays :


Shirt - Primark + DIY
Vest - H&M
Shorts - H&M
Wedges - Newlook


Getting Crafty

Today I've had a pretty busy day getting some work sorted out for a presentation at uni tomorrow (so nervous!). But I've also had some time to relax and as the title says 'get crafty' and get some DIY clothes done (more on that later).
Today I'm wearing on of my new Skirts and a Vintage pink blouse :

The colour of the shirt changes a little here because my camera died and I had to whip out a compact camera (sorry for the lack of consitancy)

Shirt - Wild
Skirt - H&M
Necklace - Miss Selfridge
Vanity case - My Mums <3
Boots - Jeffrey Campbell

Now back to my DIY.
I'm a huge fan of the denim shorts with studs on to give a little more of an edge. Though they appear to increase in price quite dramatically just for a few studs, so I've got myselft some simple pyramid studs and I'm currently doing my own shorts from a pair of old jeans :)

 I've just cut the pocket and I'm going to fill the gap as you can see im already a good way into that, I'm also thinking of popping one or two at the front maybe near the pockets just to keep it looking consistant. Let me know what you think

I love fancy dress. And recently my friends have decided to do a sweety fancy dress night (inspired by katy perry's california girls video). The dress is currently a working progress, it has dolly mixture, fried eggs and flumps on so far! I will keep you updated and I will show you all of our out fits when they are complete. So excited!! :)



Shopping Spree!

Today I got my student loan through and that means one thing.... shopping spree. So here are the things it got today. Found a few bargains!!

Jeans - £36
Vest - £12

Shorts - £7.99
Skirt - £6.99

I got the skirt in grey also because they are so cheap!!

Sunglasses - £5.99
(I know these are silly but I have a slightl obsession with Snow White and had to have these!!)

Miss Selfridge
Necklaces - £3 each
Skirt (below) - £8

I think over all I did quite well, got a few bargains!! Excited to wear some of my new skirts :)



Spring Time is Here!

 Love these wedges so much!

 Spring time weather is finally here, although looking at the weather forecast it may not last long! :(
Today I really need to start on my revision, my exams start in about a months time and I am not prepared at all!!! I think I have been slacking a little, so I'm going to grab some lunch and then get on with my revision.
Nothing much interesting happening today I'm afraid!


Dress - Topshop (A gift from my friend Lucy)
Blazer - H&M
Bag - My Sisters
Wedges - New Look
- From years ago.


I'm thinking of a song, It's a wonderful song....

Today I went to the charity shop that I was talking about earlier to check out that coat a little closer, and its even more beautiful than I had originally thought. I found out its still £65 at a charity shop. Which (although its going to charity) I do think is a little much for a second had coat... Hmmmm

I have also been searching the charity shops for some wide leg trousers or a maxi skirt and its really just not happening at the moment. There just seems to be nothing, I think i may have to venture to the vintage warehouse in town a little later this week to continue my hunt.

Also i have been searching the internet for new bargains (which I did not) but i found these beauties!!

Jeffrey Campbells again :

Amazing but they are made of leather which I do not wear.... such a shame that so many beautiful pairs of shoes are made from leather!! However even if these werent leather I doubt very much whether i could afford another pair of JC's.

I've just stumbled across the JC Lookbook (which is available in full on the link above ).
 San Diego
 Meeker in Black Suede

 Register in White Patent
 Harlow in Taupe Suede and Wood

 Be Well in Black Perforated Suede, Franklin-ESP
Butterfly in Tan Suede
Nicky Says in brown blue leather

(I did check and there wasnt any thing as far as I could see that would suggest I cannot use theses photos but please let me know if this is not the case )


Photos shot on location in Ontario Oregon By Helen Pearson.