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Twin Atlantic

I have loved this band for a while now, I used to listen to them on myspace back in the day, they aren't as big as they probably should be.
They're music is great but I'm a little bit in love with the singers accent/voice which always helps. I'm very fussy when listening to music because often it can all depend othe voice, I can love an intro and then hate the voice.

They are coming to my city to play for just £7....but it falls on my mums birthday!! I'm hoping she will just forgive me for not being there in the evening though!

Check them out :)

Fringe and Suedette

This is what I'm wearing today :)
I have to say you will probably see alot of these jeans because i wear them all the time!

 I got the fringed necklace from Outfit the other day when I got my brown Topshop blouse.

Ths ring above I used to like to wear alot but its not real silver so I get green fingers!! So it only makes outing every now and then.

This blacke suedette handbag is again another charity shop find for about £3.50!!

Beige suedette wedges from New so comfy! :)

Today has been a very boring day of lazing around, all dressed up and no where to go!! I cant wait until I can leave the house properly again, hopefully I will be better tomorrow.


Getting better

5 items i am wearing today :)

I love love love this blouse from Topsop, and got it for a bargain £13.50 in the sale + student discount!! Its very much my style and i love items like this that I can leave plain and simple like today or add more accesories to dress it up for a night out. This is just a very versatile blouse!

This is such a cute bag and I'm pretty sure this could be found on the highstreet for about £15 -20 possibly more if it was real leather. But I got this from a charity shop for £3! There is a cancer research shop close to the bus stop I get off at in the city centre so i always check it out for new bags and I found this one a couple of weeks back! :)

This ring is so lovely,  i like the detail of this item and think it adds a little bit of an edge. I'm not too girly so when i wear a dress or a blouse that i feel a little odd in i like to add certain jewellery or my leather jacket/boots.

And on the topic of my illness, you will notice in the photos I'm still hiding my face so yes im still swollen but getting better! :)


Jeans : Miss Selfridge
Blouse: Topshop
Bag: Charity shop
Ring: Dorothy Perkins
Boots : Primark


Beautiful Rhianna

I came across these photos of Rhianna in Vogue US April 2011 and I just love them and thought I would share them with you if you havent already saw them :)

 I love the two shots above,she looks so beautiful and she has amazing hair!

And such lovely legs!

Photo's by Annie Leibovitz


 I love both of these! I've liked this style of skirt for a while now but I've not been able to find on on the highstreet for a while (as I cannot afford designer) and finally I have found this in MissSelfridge for £45 which I may to invest in next pay day!! And these red trousers are just a random pick to show the style of trousers I mean when I say Wide Leg Trousers. But I already have a black pair and a patterened pair of them so far, but I would really like a bright pair. So my plan is to look in some charity shops to see if I can find some old ones rather than spending lots of money on an item I already have in another colour. (I will keep you posted about how that goes!) There are alot of charity shops in Nottingham,and near my boyfriends house theres a highstreet that has about 7/8!
 This paperbag style of short has been around for a while I know and it hasnt been my style really before but I'm beginning to like them more and more, however with my shape I think they would need to be much more tailored that some of the shorts i have seen/tried on and they look slightly odd on slimmer girls I think. So this pair (in the photo) seem like the perfect pair, I am yet to try them though so I will have to see how that goes first. Then theres what to wear them with!
Abit boring I know but I actually dont have a pair of black jeans!
They are all grey or dark blue, so I just need a pain pair of black jeans

I just went to get the photo of this pair of shoes I have been in love with for so so long but never bought because I had been saving for a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Shoesbut I've just found they are in the sale for £25!

I just cant wait until I'm better and not stuck on the sofa! The sale has been on for nearly a week i pray they still have a pair in my size!!


All clothing on this post is from Miss Selfridge :


Cowboy Boots

White Dress - Zara
Grey Cardigan - Warehouse
Necklace - A gift from my boyfriend

This is one of my favourite outfits to wear in the sun, this white sundress makes me feel girly and pretty :)
i often prefer to wear my cowboy boots so not to have too much leg out, unless of course its way to warm for boots. Although living in England I'll probably only get a week of hot weather in summer haha

Today I'm hiding my face a little because I caught mumps!! So I currently have a beautifully swollen neck and face -_- and wont be posting any photos of my self until I'm better, Its not a pretty sight haha.