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eBay Bargains - Shop For Less

Hello ladies!

Recently I have been seeing lots of pretty playsuits and two pieces on Instagram, we're all loving the warmer weather so getting all excited about summer clothes. There are a few websites online that are selling wholesale items from China for much for than they got them for, I am not complaining - how else are they going to make a profit? 

I just wanted to share with you the exact same playsuits and two pieces just on eBay! You could also probably find them on a Chinese wholesale website but all I had to do was search 'floral playsuit' and these are the first ones to pop up on eBay. The shops are selling these for about £35 and you can get them for about a tenner just missing out the middle man:

Keep in mind that these are from China, so it's best to read the description to check the sizing. They will take around 2-3 weeks to arrive but from what I have read this is a similar time to the delivery stated on the shops I have seen these products on.

I hope these saved you a little but of money!

Chelsea Jade


Chinese Prints and Second Skin Jeans

Kimono Jacket - China
Crop Top - ASOS
Jeans - Cheap Monday
Sandals - Desire 

Some of you may have seen this outfit on my YouTube channel last week, I had planned on publishing this post and the video at the same time but I got a tad busy! 

Anyway here is a wee video of this look:

I am off to enjoy some more of this sunshine we have been having!

Chelsea Jade


Fluffy Stole and Vintage Jeans

Coat - Charity Shop
Fluffy Stole - Select
Shirt - eBay
Shoes - Dr Martens

This is an outfit I wore about a week ago, the weather has since improved majorly and I've dyed my hair so these images seem like they were taken an eternity ago. I had my sister stay with me in London this weekend which is why I haven't posted this outfit yet.

The jeans are one of my biggest bargain buys, I got them for 50p at the East End Thrift Stores 50p sale last month! Wooop. It was like it was meant to be, I pulled them from a pile of ripped denim and found an intact pair of high waisted goodness. Luckily they fit when I got home. If you do get chance to go to one of their sales it is worth checking it out but only if you can handle the mess (see their photo here). 

Chelsea Jade


Blogger Resources: Post Planners and Weekly Planners

I've wanted to become a little more organised with my blog posts. I sometimes feel that I'm glued to my laptop so I wanted to spend sometime putting pen to paper. I looked around for some blog post planners but found that they had sections I had no use for or often needed to be paid for! So after looking at tonnes online and browsing pinterest, I decided to create my own. I have created a blog post planner which I have printed out in A4 for the image above but also a few in A5 which are easier to pop in my bag. I have been using these so much lately, I've found it very handy.

So I thought I would let you ladies download them and print them out as you need them. I've just been carrying a few at a time around with me and popping my ideas in the notes section and finishing the rest off later whilst catching up on a few show. It's quite refreshing not staring at my screen!

All my files link to Dropbox but I do believe you don't need your own account to download. They are all saved as PDF files so you should be fine opening them.

Blog Post Planners

Pastel Planner    ///    Monochrome Planner    ///    Grey Planner

Weekly Planners

I also talked recently in one of my youtube videos about a weekly planner I have been using from Paperchase. It has sold out and I haven't been able to find one since, so I thought I'd create this planner for your weekly to do lists. I use them to plan which days my blog posts are to be scheduled and when I plan on shooting/filming etc. They are perfect for anyone as bad as me at using a diary!

I have designed and printed these with A4 printing in mind but actually A3 may be better for the weekly planners for you to fit all your notes on.

I hope some of you get these printed and find them helpful!

Chelsea Jade


Stripes and Lace

Hat - Topshop
Croptop - Clothesminded
Skirt - Urban Outfitters
Shoes - ASOS 
Photo's by Leigh.

I thought it was about time I shared a more dressy outfit. If I go out for drinks I often can't be bothered to take photos of what I wore. Probably because the next day I'm in bed drinking gallons of water and consuming every carb in the house, wondering what I did to deserve such a headache.

Hangovers aside, this outfit is perfect for casual drinks as you could probably get away with it in the day time too. Day to night outfits are one of my favourites to read about so I hope like this one!

Chelsea Jade


Blogger Babes - March '15

I feel like I have really been slacking with these posts so here are some blogger babes for you to check out:

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What do you ladies think?
Do you read these blogs already?

Chelsea Jade