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Boohoo - Dress Of The Month

Dress - Boohoo*
Bag - Lazy Oaf
Sandals - ASOS
Mehndi - A gift from a pupil's mum

Recently I was contacted by Boohoo to see if I would be interested in taking part in one of their campaigns. I was going to be sent a dress, having only the choice of black or white and of course my size, to see how I style it. Initially I almost said no as I thought I didn't want someone to choose something for me in case I didn't like it. As it was more a of a styling challenge my curiosity got the better of me and I said yes.

The dress arrived and I thought it was very pretty but in terms of the style, I thought it was a little too boho for me. I tried it on and initially styled it with bangles and a sandals but I didn't feel like me at all. I whipped out some socks for my sandals and a furry bag to add my own taste.

I found that the dress was an odd length on me, if  I shortened the straps the tighter band in the middle sat just on my hips which didn't look right. So I lengthened the straps and the tighter band sat just below my hips and in the end I had to add a skinny belt to pull it in a little. I think you can see from the images that the dress doesn't suit my style or my figure that much. I'm not sure I could wear this again but I did enjoy the challenge of trying to style this.

This dress would be perfect on someone with a bigger chest than me so that it sits better, probably on someone a little shorter than me. And someone who loves the boho style for summer. The same dress has been sent to other bloggers so I'm looking forward to seeing how it was styled by those with a different shape to me.

How do you think you would wear this dress?

Chelsea Jade


Lazy Oaf Teddy Sweater Dress

Lazy Oaf Teddy Sweater Dress
Dress - Lazy Oaf 
Shoes - ASOS
Tote - The White Pepper
Lazy Oaf Teddy Sweater Dress
Recently I stayed in the Lake District for a wedding, I stayed an adorable B&B called Barnes Fell in Ambleside. The host Ethna was the most helpful person ever, she helped organise transport and even posted some bits, which my boyf left in the room, back to us. I had such a fantastic time, this is one of the outfits I wore just to wander around the day before the wedding.

The dress was a bargain £20 in the Lazy Oaf sample sale, my all time favourite sample sale. I had this on my wishlist in preparation for the sale, I gave up and got in the queue with my other finds and then spotted it alone on a rail near the front of the queue. It was meant to be! It is actually now back in stock online as part of the collection released to celebrate 15 years of Lazy Oaf

Chelsea Jade


My first smear test - anxieties

With this video I hope that I convince at least one person who is putting off their smear due to anxieties to book their appointment. It is so important that we go for our cervical screening in the UK, we can have one when we hit 25 which is older than a lot of other countries. It can seem daunting for a first time but really it isn't nearly as bad as you imagine. Plus all of the horro stories you read online (trust me I've read them) are not what everyone's test is like, British people like to moan we go ahead and moan on social media, we write letters and post on threads but when we are happy about something we don't tend to do that. So here I am writing something I was happy (well not horrified) by. Please go as it could save your life ladies :)

Chelsea Jade



The Whitepepper Smock Dress

Dress - The Whitepepper
Jacket - eBay
Necklace - Punky Pins
Shoes - ASOS

I cannot wait until summer eventually arrives (not just one day) and I can wear this dress without a jacket. The denim jacket spoils the beauty of the smock dress but is necessary at the moment as the weather is balls. My boyfriend treated me to this dress at a sample sale last weekend, it is so beautiful! They have some rather pretty smock dresses in stock at the moment too, how very tempting.

Chelsea Jade


DIY Tote Bags - Posca

Using a plain tote bag and some Posca pens you can create your own personalised bag, which is what I started doing recently. You can draw the design on with a pencil first or draw free hand. The posca pens are perfect for this as they are pain pens so it is easy to colour, draw and blend colours together. You can wait for a part to dry and then paint part of the design on top of it. 

This is one of the first bags I created which was for my sister (but I made myself one too), it is based on the lyrics of one of my favourite songs by Kimya Dawson:

In the sea there is a fish

a fish that has a secret wish
a wish to be a big cactus with a pink flower on it

I had lots of fun with this little project and I will be making many more bags. All you have to do is draw the design, wait for it to dry and then iron on reverse. As simple as that. The only thing I have left to test is whether the design holds up when washed, it has survived rain so far so I will update when I have put one through the wash.

I also made a Mean Girls themed bag for my housemate as it was her birthday recently:

I'm pretty proud of this one as it took such a long time and looks pretty good (even if I do say so myself).

Chelsea Jade



Long coat and Blue Trousers

Coat - East End Thrift Store
Tee - No clue (super old)
Trousers - Monki
Bag - Aliexpress
Shoes - Dr Martens
Outfit featuring East End Thrift Store and Monki
Vegan Dr Marten shoes with socks and printed trousers
I wore this on Saturday when I visited The Whitepepper's sample sale, eeeeeep. I woke up that morning to see a post about the sample sale on Friday and thought I'd missed it. But it turned out to be all weekend, woop woop. My boyfriend very kindly treated me to three items from the sale, he even purchased a pair of jeans that he will only describe as 'hideous'. He told me that even I cannot rock them but just you wait ladies, just you wait (I mean, if you can't wait then it is this pair). 

This babe of a coat was £1 from the East End Thrift Store's £1 sale which is on again this weekend if any of you London ladies fancy a browse, check out the event here. You can also see all of my posts featuring my £1 bargains too if you fancy.

Chelsea Jade