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Blogger Babe - Nemesis, Babe

This month I have just one blogger of the month but this one's a guddun I promise.

I give you Nemesis, Babe. I first came across Marie's style when I went to London Fashion Week almost two years ago and I snapped this photo of her:

I am very happy that I did as we swapped business cards and I was able to find her blog online. It quickly became a favourite of mine. It's only gotten better and better over the last year or so! I wanted to share her incredible style and blog with you so hopefully if you haven't come across Marie before you now have a new page to subscribe to.


I adore the style of photography on 'Nemesis, Babe' as well as her actual style so it's pretty much a win win for me. For those of you drooling over her wardrobe she has been kind enough to put together a blog post on basics for your wardrobe which is pretty helpful:

 Find Marie:

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Instagram    //    Facebook    //    Twitter

I hope you have found a new blog to subscribe to ladies :)

Chelsea Jade


Mint and Beads

Dress - House of Fraser*
Clutch - Warehouse
Shoes - River Island

It's coming up to Prom season, I have been seeing pretty dresses in the windows or high street stores and on emails. Plus it is also the time that alot of people seem to be getting married, hoping for the warmer weather in the UK I guess. With no proms or exciting weddings on the cards, I got a bit dress up anyway!

If I did have a lovely occasion to go to this month, this dress would be my choice. The lovely people over at House of Fraser let me choose from a selection of their pretty dresses and I opted for this gorgeous piece! I love the intricate beading. With all the detail being on the dress it requires a less is more approach in my opinion so I opted for some basic black pieces to go with it. 

In case any of you have a fabulous event coming up I though I would share some other dresses from House of Fraser:
Chelsea Jade


Candy Stripes and Jelly Shoes

Tee - Lazy Oaf
Shorts - eBay
Bag - Cheapo Market
Sandals - Juju 
The weather was glorious on Saturday! I took the opportunity to go to Hyde Park in the sun for a wee picnic. I live in London and I don't really take that much advantage of places like Hyde Park so it was lovely to see some greenery.

My tee is so so pretty. I've wanted it for such a long time and finally managed to add it to my wardrobe after visiting the Lazy Oaf sample sale. The prices at the sale were amazing but I only treated myself to two pieces. There were so many more pieces I could have purchased, but I had to limit myself. The actual sale was crazy, people went mental! At one point I made the mistake of crouching down to the lower rail to look at skirts and getting stuck due to the sheer amount of people trying to push into the top rail. It was worth it to get this cutie though. You can find this top in the Lazy Oaf sale at the moment.

Chelsea Jade


Elephant Print Dress

Dress + Shirt Set - eBay
Sunglasses - Primark
Shoes - ASOS
This set was a purchase from eBay a couple of years a go actually. I love the print, its so pretty and they shirt is perfect for a little extra layering.

Elephant prints seems to be pretty popular at the moment so I've picked a few of my favourite elephant prints from the high-street and online:

Chelsea Jade



Grounded Cafe East London

I thought it might be nice to introduce a coffee shop that has opened recently near my house. It's called  'Grounded' and it is located right neat Aldgate East Station just near the bottom of Brick Lane. Which is perfect really if you're shopping on Brick Lane and want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the main strip.

The decor is really cute and has an almost outdoorsy feel to it with the big doors open and the wooden tables. There are plenty of plug sockets around too plus wifi which means it would be a great place to sit and blog or get on with a little bit of uni work. I love the green theme and think it would be pretty relaxing to get some work done there, though I'm yet to venture there with my laptop.
I had this delicious chocolate cake when I first visited, it was very tasty, a little too rich for me but that depends on your view of chocolate cake. I washed it down with a delicious smoothie which was yummy but a little smaller than your average smoothie portion. My friend opted for a chai latte and was quite the fan, from what I've heard the coffee is delicious. I unfortunately don't like coffee, I apparently still have the palette of a 5 year old as my favourite is hot chocolate.

In an ideal world for me coffee shops should offer things like cookies and flapjacks - cakes and pastries are ever so popular but you can't beat a good flapjack!

Anyway I hope you Londoners have potentially found a new place to visit.

Find Grounded on:
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Chelsea Jade


Fluffy Bag And A Cow Print Skirt

Jacket - Vintage Store (Selling on Depop)
Tee - Primark
Skirt - Zara
Boots - ASOS
Bag - The Ragged Priest

Can we just all thank The Ragged Priest for bringing us such a wonderfully fluffy bag into our lives? I got this baby via ASOS. It is so cute it's ridiculous really! It looks so pretty, unlike my wet, just got out the shower so lets tie it in a bun, hair I've got going on. I'm lazy and really CBA with blow drying my hair for your eyes benefit. I go out like this fairly regularly to be honest, not so chic but what the hell.

I paired the bag with two of my all time favourite pieces, my beautiful cow print skirt and the comfiest boots from ASOS. I'm not entirely convince that it matches but this is what I wore to a little trip to brick lane for a lunch time treat and a hangover cure in the case of my boyf.

On a final note, my denim jacket I have decided to part with - sheds a tear. I mean I have another so I'm not going totally denim free but if you like it you can find it on my depop here.
Chelsea Jade