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Sunday By The Bridge

Coat - Topshop
Tee - Goodie Two Sleeves
Jeans - Topshop
Trainers - ASOS

Lazy Sunday's with comfy clothes, no make up (and apaprently no hairbrush) for a day out with the boyf are the best. We went last week to the Geffrye Museum for a craft fair and then we made our way to a little cafe 'By The Bridge'. It is super cute in there and I had the most delicious soya hot chocolate there! If you are wandering around Dalston/Haggerston area you should check it out as it is rather adorable. 

Chelsea Jade


Minkpink Skirt with Socks and Sandals

Jacket - eBay
Tee - Aliexpress
Minkpink Skirt - Joy*
Sandals - New Look 
Bag - DIY

I think the only things that matches here are my socks and sandals, the colours kind of clash and the style of each piece individually don't really match either. I do enjoy mixing and matching the pieces in my wardrobe sometimes, my last outfit post with this same skirt was a little more matchy matchy in terms of colours. 

I wore this outfit the other week when I went out with my boyfriend for lunch. I have a vlog from the same day when I did some shopping at the East End Thrift Store.

Chelsea Jade



Get In My Wardrobe - April '16

Striped Skirt   //   Boob Shirt   //   Trousers   //   Dino Socks   //   Black Sandals

Forever browsing the new in section of online shops (it's a tad less stressful than trying to squeeze through the crowds in Westfield). I have put together a selection of goodies that I wish were part of my ever growing wardrobe. The ASOS pink fluffy cardigan is absolutely beautiful, it has been in my wishlist on ASOS for a while now but I have not yet made a purchase. I had a little browse of Topshop as I have not really looked there in such a long time, I found some absolute beauties! And I of course need the shirt with boobs, because it is a shirt with boobs.

Chelsea Jade


Mixed textures

Shirt - Vintage
Jumper - Miss Selfridge
Necklace - Topshop
Skirt - JOY*
Shoes - ASOS

I'm so excited to have some amazing new pieces! My boyfriend very kindly treated me to these beautiful shoes from ASOS and the necklace I am wearing from Topshop. The lace up shoes were in the ASOS sale, there are tonnes of ASOS lace up shoes available at the moment but be sure to check out the sales.

This stunning Minkpink skirt was sent to me by Joy, I was super excited as you longtime readers will know about my love of Minkpink. The colours on this skirt are just perfect, it is made of a faux suede fabric too which is great for a texture mix. 

Chelsea Jade

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Current Favourites

S'up ladies and gents
Here is my latest video on YouTube featuring some of my current faves:

---- Featured -----

Boots - New Look 

Chelsea Jade



High Waist Jeans and a Mean Girls Tee

Fluffy collar - Select (old)
Jacket - H&M
Tee - Topshop
Jeans - eBay 
Shoes - ASOS 

I made a trip to the dreaded place that is Oxford Street, I dislike how busy it is there but I go every now and then so that I can visit Carnaby Street. I do love a trip to Monki and Cheap Monday, I was unsuccesful in both shops on this particular occasion though! I did get a necklace and earrings from the Topshop sale and a pretty new mug from Anthropologie. 

Jeans and a tee are the perfect comfy combo for a spot of shopping, I paired them with a fluffy collar and coloured shoes to brighten up the outfit. 

Chelsea Jade