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Primark Denim Dress + A Fluffy Collar

Coat - River Island
Fluffy Collar - Select
Dress - Primark
Bag - China
Shoes - ASOS

I wore this outfit out at the weekend to a drinks and dinner to send one of my best friends off in a farewell before she goes to work in China (cries).

The pieces are mainly oldies but the dress was a recent purchase from Primark. It is so pretty, it is made from a stretch fabric which is quite flattering rather than a boxy shirt dress. 

Chelsea Jade


Ways to Wear - A-line Skirt

A basic a-line skirt is an essential in my wardrobe. They are so versatile and can stay a staple through ever changing seasons and trends. I have put together a few outfits to show the ways that I would wear an a-line skirt.

Simple Summer
Vest - H&M, Skirt - Topshop, Boots - New Look

Paired with a basic vest, body or crop top an a-line skirt is perfect for a quick thrown together outfit. Mix it up with some accessories and heels and it works well as a day to night outfit.

Dressed down
Tee - old, Skirt - Topshop, Trainers - Converse

Pairing what would be a dressy skirt with a baggy tee and a pair of trainers is the perfect mix of casual and dressy.

Layered Up

Jumper - COW, Skirt - Topshop, Boots - ASOS, Bag - New Look 

Ideally this outfit would have a pair of black tights to give it more of a winter feel but when I did this shoot I couldn't find anywhere to change into tights. I love this jumper, the embroidery is super cute! 

How else would you style this skirt? I reckon it might need some more print clashing action!

Chelsea Jade


Duster Coat and Jelly Sandals

Coat - East End Thrift Store
Tee - Gift
Skirt - H&M
Jujus - Sports Direct

I love this last picture, not due to vanity but because it is a genuine laugh. My friend, who has now moved to Canada, was behind the camera making me giggle so it is a new favourite of mine.

This coat has been on my blog so many times as it is just so easy to wear, I highly recommend getting  duster coat in a colour other than black as it can really brighten up a monochrome outfit! I paired it with a new skirt I bagged for £4 in the H&M sale and my usual socks/sandals combo. These jujus are a new addition to my wardrobe, I finally got the glitter jujus. Having had a pair as a child the glitter pair are particularly nostalgic for me and make me feel like a princess - the same feeling I had as a child when I could strut around in glitter heels. These jelly sandals were £8 from Sports Direct which is a bit of  a bargain.

Chelsea Jade



Topshop Leopard Skirt and Green Socks

Jacket - H&M
Tee - ASOS
Skirt - Topshop
Shoes - ASOS
Socks - Topshop

These socks are one of my favourite recent purchases, they were £1 from Topshop. I love them that much that I went back and got two more pairs for when the first pair inevitably get a hole in them. 

I have a few summery outfits that I have photographed but not yet published, I reckon they wont look weather appropriate if this rain carries on!

Chelsea Jade


Back to School/Work Stationary 2016

I totally almost didn't bother writing this post because on my browsing travels I found the most amazing new design by Paperchase, I have died and gone to stationary heaven. So I am going to get this out of the way first so my fellow cat lovers can also die and go to stationary heaven, I present to you, Purr Maids:

Now back to my original post of some stationary beauties for those of you back to studying in September or those that just love stationary! I have looked around online to find some stationary beauties, from cute pieces for your work desk to notebooks to be whipped out in a lecture: 

How amazing is the dino pen holder? I want one for my desk at work. Some of my other favourite places to get stationary on a budget is of course Tiger, Wilkinsons and good old Poundland! 

Where do you like to get stationary from or are not as big a fan as I am?

Chelsea Jade


Go Away Lazy Oaf Tee

Sunglasses - Aliexpress
Tshirt - Lazy Oaf
Skirt - Joy*
Sandals - New Look
I'm so happy that I managed to get my hands on this crop top, it is perfect! I love the pastel colours. I paired it with this Mink Pink skirt to keep up with the mixed colours and these super comfy pastel sandals from New Look. 

Chelsea Jade