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Blogger Babes - May '15

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I hope you enjoy finding some new bloggers! Check out my previous blogger posts here to browse more fashion blogs :) 

Chelsea Jade


Bright Colours and Jelly Sandals

Fluffy Collar - Select
Jumper - Wild Vintage
Trousers - Monki
Jelly Sandals - Juju

Hello bright colours! I took these photos a wee while ago when the sun was shining, the weather seems to have taken a turn for the worse lately but hey ho, this is England I suppose. My trousers from Monki are one of my all time favourite pieces (despite being a touch too short). I would recommend trying out some trousers from there as they have some incredible prints and they are super comfy! 

On a final note I have had a huge clear out and I am parting with some pieces that I am reluctant to but I need to down size. So if you fancy shopping some of my wardrobe then check out my listings on eBay :)

Chelsea Jade


Hello Margaret and Phiney Pet

Topshop Green Coat and tartan check high waist trousers
Coat - Topshop
Jumper - Miss Selfridge
Necklace - China
Trousers - Hello Margaret
Shoes - Dr Martens
Green coat Topshop, Phiney Pett badges
Phiney Pett badges
Badges - Phiney Pett

Hello ladies!

I've been slacking on the outfit post front lately, but the weather has been pretty on and off! I am currently house hunting and job hunting for the summer so I have been a tad busy. Hopefully my new place will be prettier so I can find more places to take photos.

This is what I wore when out for the day with the boyf for a photography exhibition at Somerset House. I love that place, the buildings are so beautiful around there. I took a few overexposed images and was undecided but thought I would share this post anyway so you guys could see my amazing badges from Phiney Pett. I adore her designs and was pretty excited to find I had won an Instagram competition for some freebie badges! These are three of the five I won. Being a massive fan of the film Labyrinth since I was tiny, the 'Babe with the power' is my favourite. Phiney Pett also have a tshirt coming out soon with the same design, hopefully I will be able to get my hands on one.

Chelsea Jade


The Body Shop Shea Premium Selection - Review

The Body Shop Shea Premium Selection
Last month I was lucky enough to be sent this wonderful Shea selection from The Body Shop! I have been using the products for the last 4 weeks and I thought I would use this post to share with you what I thought about each of them. 
The Body Shop Shea Premium Selection

The set includes:
- Shea Body Butter
- Shea Body Scrub
-Shea Eau de Toilette
-Shea Lip Butter

The Body Shop Shea Premium Selection

Shea Body Butter
This one I am thoroughly enjoying it smells delicious and has been making my skin feel lovely. I have to say I am terrible at using products like a body butter consistently as I tend to be rushing in the morning. So this is the product I have probably used the least purely due to time constraints but I am a fan. Very little of the product is needed really as it spreads quite well, it melts on the skin so I imagine it will last me quite a long time! 

Shea Body Scrub
I have been using the scrub in the shower fairly regularly, I've used almost half of the pot as I have been using it fairly liberally. It smells sweeter than the butter which I prefer. The grains are quite small so are not too abrasive on the skin which is good for me as I have quite sensitive skin. I am really loving this scrub so I would definitely buy it again! After the scrub has washed away it leaves a light oily like mist on the skin which is my favourite part, it locks in moisture and when I've dried myself my skin has felt super smooth. 

Eau de Toilette
I tend to prefer sweet perfumes, the shea smell is quite nutty whilst light I did find initially that it was a little too strong. With it being an Eau de Toilette I did fade relatively quickly into a lighter scent which I preferred. Scents are a difficult one to describe as they change when they are on different people so if you like the sound of a fresh scent it's worth have a little sniff next time your passing your local The Body Shop. 

Shea Lip Butter
This butter is lovely on the lips, it is light and creamy which leaves the lips feeling super soft. I prefer it to something like vaseline as it soaks into the lips rather than just lining them. I quite liked having the scent of the shea butter refreshed when using the lip butter through out the day. The lip butters come in other scents which I'd like to give a go the  Mango and the Strawberry ones will be next on my list.  

Have any of you ladies tried any of the Shea butter products from The Body Shop? Let me know what you thought of them :) 

Chelsea Jade


#JuJuxLazyOaf Launch

#jujuxlazyoaf Juju footwear and Lazy oaf collaboration
#jujuxlazyoaf Juju footwear and Lazy oaf collaboration
#jujuxlazyoaf Juju footwear and Lazy oaf collaboration
#jujuxlazyoaf Juju footwear and Lazy oaf collaboration
#jujuxlazyoaf Juju footwear and Lazy oaf collaboration

One of the best collaborations in a while - Juju x LazyOaf!
The black and pink pair are my favourites. The launch involved lots of pretty clothes, shoes and jelly. We were also treated to drinks so a big thank you to Lazy Oaf for my cider :) 

Lazy Oaf tote shopper canvas bags
Lazy Oaf pineapple tee

Whilst the launch was for the juju collaboration I very much enjoyed browsing the clothing collections. This last printed tee with contrasting tipping is so pretty. I am hoping to save up and treat myself to this baby, it is actually only £30 so it shouldn't take me too long. 

Chelsea Jade


Urban Outfitters AW15

Let's take a moment to appreciate these collections! I have so many favourites it's ridiculous, I should have known though, having been to several of the Urban Outfitters press days, that I would leave wishing I had a whole new wardrobe. 

My Wishlist:

Burgundy Cord Skirt
Green Pullover
Incredible bomber
Everything fluffy
Distressed Backpack

They had a really cool wall in the space with holes and pegs to put together the ultimate outfit layout. I need to win the lottery so I can install one of these babies in my house!

A massive thank you to Urban Outfitters for letting me pop along to the press day! 

Chelsea Jade